splinken i had this dream last week that we could all suddenly post pictures on blather. the only one i can remember is a gigantic high-heeled leg that nervously bounced up and down. it was made out of cut-up magazine pictures and cartoon hamburgers.

get out of my brain, all of you.
minnesota_chris the bouncing leg heh heh heh... I was just thinking about bouncing legs...

Actually, I thought it would be fun, if I ever get around to blatherscrapbooking, to print pictures of people and write their blathers across their face... maybe in glitter pen or something.
splinken do it with a labelmaker!

labelmakers are awesome.
randomly recent i did a blather collage on the computre once. but then I ruined it and deleted it.

minnesota_chris my latest thought was to get lots of mirrors and write on them with colored permanent markers, with lots of blatherskites

because they wash off of mirrors.
phil tiger's coat stretched like a map
turtle shell, without a turtle, blue
black side and tail of a horse
a wild boar jumping
posterior of a naked woman laying, bent elbows, ankles flat
a bat stopping in flight, wings spread out, filling your view, red splotches on it's face
a snake, head held up, as if looking over
orange spider, clinging to a messy web transforming into a large water drop in blackness
splash onto an eye, sticking in one splattered shape bead
chimp with a curved cane coming closer under the light
myself, my breath passing hot out of my mouth
limitless expanse, finite horizon
buildings rising from the white floor
into a sky
feeling of hopelesness, hearing each word spoken to you as you write
the images
a light bulb, not blinding, glowing in darkness
the stomach, as it is felt, scratched
hair painfully tugged
a sink, light blue, filled with the light of the window behind it
the rest of the kitchen, the rollers and the wooden floor, the fridge posing
the face you make
the fences links, in front a hole filled with water in the concrete
the roof of your car
a foot kicking a football
and a burning sensation in your crotch
itching in your scalp
and a kink in your stomach that tugs at your shoulder blade, on the opposite side
the world in a fishbowl
white_wave i wanted to share some of my blathes with someone who was too impatient to read anyone else's blathes. just wanted to read mine. i didn't want to just copy and paste it just anywhere. I wanted the precise navy_and_peacock_ blue of blather. i wanted it to be authentic. so I hit print screen, pasted it into Photoshop, cropped to the size of my blathe only. then e-mailed it. 040309
unknown oh to cleave the salmon so lightly as to make them think they are only dreaming of better days. forgetting that outside in makes no sense at all and in the end they will die anyway from lack of water. gasping. 040812
estarocks does anyone care if i make a blather collage out of people's blathes, w/ pix in backround? i would put ur names on them...probably call it "a picture is worth a 1000 words" 040812
pete but words are worth so much more than pictures... 040812
nom this word looks weird i think i'm tired 061228
u24 i think i'm tired, too. 061228
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