typhoid ive quite passed it, yet i keep going... why? thats a lot, man. there doesn't seem to be any clear answer either. no motivation.. except to do what has been done, but in a different way.. keep doing new things, run run run but dont stop to look around... hmm. perhaps by the next thousand i'll have learned something. 000512
rollins one thousand burning ships sinking in my heart 001221
wolfspeaker I must have done it 1000 times. When I was 16 and dumb. Laying on my back in his room, while he fucked me. I listened to make sure his parents didn't come home early. Tears rolled down my cheeks. He didn't care, he was just using me for practice, but he still told me he loved me. 020217
angry j. 10,000 maniacs! 030624
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