psyki but could've. 000731
rickstar didn't find what i was lookin for
blue moon ghetto is what i seek
old school fan from way back
has the band passed it's peak

hopefully no is the answer
if so then i'll be shocked
i saw them live one time
those guys sure rocked

if anyone has some information
please let me know
p.s. what have i stumbled across?
T. J. I found your site by accident, looking for Blue Moon Ghetto MP3's. I like your poetry, but I'm also still looking for said MP3's. 010526
marjorie didn't you see that train/flock/mass of geese fly by?
why no, no i didn't.
didn't you even hear them?
no, i was busy.
what were you doing?
ermmm.. well... uhm...
fug 57vgu 040503
mockingbirdgirl so what? 040712
lou i didn't send it...

how sad is that?
anne-girl sometimes doing nothing is harder
oft-neglected choice
hsg decisions. from a book I read on decisiveness...

there are no good or bad decisions. it's more a matter of being decisive and following thru.
what's it to you?
who go