Wes! "The information you requested."? ... i didn't request for you to send me spam... 991204
laomedia bombarded by textum the minds fractal structure mirrors that of the creative procession. discrimination finds its place here when filtering through the mass. and the inner template makes itself known. 000909
pinkish too much and not enough. 010909
kx21 A Chicken_Flovor of The_Memory_of_the_Universe... 010909
kx21 A Chicken_Flavor of The_Memory_of_the_Universe... 010909
snurdlefork data
data data d4t4 0474 0474

einstein said "don't remember anything that can be written down"

Yeah, just try it.
Qazual As a result my reality is gone... so I am left watching VH1 020607
information "information" is more than one person 020920
~gez~ information is power
who said that
i cant remember
how ironic
Death of a Rose gathered and hoarded, branded and created, disseminated, deleted, craved for, disguised, repulsed by, womanized, travelled for, organized and sorted. 031016
three words i_lie what_did_bush_know information 101023
dafremen Dear user,

You'll need a stronger password. No, not that one, we already I've already used that one before. We don't want anyone getting your private information.

We've detected unusual activity on your account. Can you verify this device belongs to you so that we can add it to your database we can register this device for your convenience? We don't want anyone getting your personal information.

We're sorry, but we'll need to send you a verification code if you'd like to get into your account. Would you like us to text it to you? How about if you add a cell phone for your security? What's the name of your first pet? What was the make of your first car? Who was your kindergarten teacher? What's your mother's maiden name? What's your favorite book? Color? Food? Game? What's a random question and answer combination you might come up with off of the top of your head? It's not that we're nosy. We just don't want anyone getting your personal information.

Hi. We're Google. And we don't want anyone getting your personal information.
what's it to you?
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