charles so much, so little, so tall, so short, so [insert adj here], so everything, so nothing; a "more then usual [adj]"... 990303
daxle I finally broke down what he put up, all by uttering "so... 990422
elimeny where are we? you ask if im alright, and i lie and bullshit out different versions of "i'm great!" and plaster that smile on my face that hides the girl who got plastered this weekend. and then there's this silence. and i ask if you are alright, and you say "as well as can be expected" and im confused. and so....what now? this was, after all your choice. i reached for you that pulled away. so it's all up to you. so there. 991207
nameless so is what you say when you dont know what to say 991217
marjorie so you think you'll never find the truth? so you think you shall suddenly fall in love with the ideal? so you think you will never die? good. you're probably right. 991231
amy one night, i was bored. and i went to diaryland to see who had the diary for amy. that amy girl seems pretty cool...i went to her homepage, and she had a link to maura and i know maura's famous and interesting so i went to maura and somewhere she mentioned, which i had never heard of. on the list of most recent mood changes (which seem pretty frequent), i recognized a handle from blather, so that was why i was disenchanted with the smallness of the web. neat, huh? 000226
timmy every man i see
i want

even the shit ones
who'd never hold me right

and i don't love you any more
superGrrl so what do you think the verdict will be?
do you think that just cuz the world began, it will end? think of it as God's stadium.. or maybe the devils..
we are the players and he controls us with every slight movement like puppets in a freakshow.
Barrett Buttons. 000912
Barrett So you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell, blue skys from pain.
Can you tell a green field, from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a vaile?

So you think you can tell...
Did they get you to trade...
Your heros from ghosts,
Hot ashes for trees,
Hot air for a cool breeze,
Cold comfort for change.

Did you exchange a walk on part in the war, for a leaf roll in a cage?
ewee sew so sow soooo 010214
me sew 010214
G_wiz13 so is this the end?
I can't let you go.
I won't let you end your life tonight.
so how do you feel?
are you alright?
I see your pain.
you can't hide it from me.
I know how you feel.
why do you want to die?
I love you
so what is it goin to be?
(something my girlfreind said to me when i was on the verge of suicide. probably the most memorable thing. Thats when i realized that she really cares about me.)
Chrity go to:
ladybird "so...."

I said and it summed up everything, you know?


he replied.

And that was the end of that.
Annie111 So we sat there and inches away was your flesh. I felt like we were touching because the warmth that radiates from our bodies overlapped, and danced a little.

So she wishes she could hold you.
ClairE What Anthony always says.


See frustration.

Somehow I've got to always hold shit together.
glenn a needle pulling thread 020310
blown cherry And so,
in the days of hard toil and blue sunsets
the people stood back and watched as the last of the flimmers sailed easily over the hills and into the ocean,
never to be seen of or heard again.
As they slowly turned their backs and headed back, not to the place from which they had come, but to the places where they belonged, they silently passed to eachother the ackowledgement that all was now done.
That there would be no more toiling for the days feast, but
slumber, gentle slumber
for the hearts and minds of all concerned,
and the flimmers colours would be content once more.
creetch so stupid
so insane
so i dunno

so describes existence
so this happens and
so that happens
and so one day it wont matter
and so everything is so

so shut the fuck up ho
mona loves you so..
i dwell
i linger
i am a chicken
i have this inability to use a damn phone
i over think the fuck out of everthing
and now...

i still can't do it
uh... call me?
who cares so? 030327
Aimee ... my grandpa's dying right now, and I'm not really upset. He's 88. I saw him earlier this month, and he was joking, and being the same smart ass he's always been. I just wonder how I can handle all this. My grandma died three or four days before christmas... and the morning of her funeral (the day before christmas eve) I found out about my pregnancy. Now I have one more grandparent who will never get to meet their great grandchild. At least he knew about it though... I think...... I feel like I'm just sitting here waiting. waiting for something to happen. I know it'll happen. I just don't know when. I know how it'll happen. I just don't know when. I'm not even upset about it. Maybe it'll take the reality of a funeral to convince me it's real. Maybe it won't. Jesus. What the fuck is wrong with me? 030327
Danbo God Closed a door, so I opened a window 030417
god a window that leads to the mall 030417
Danbo do all windows open to the mall? or just outlet stores? 030501
Fire & Roses Th room is quiet and peaceful... glowing blue because i insist on using the televisions blue screen as a light.
I am alone of course... laying on my bed staring out the window at the moon...
i talk to her sometimes... you used to tell me that it was silly... and how did i know she was a girl... you said i was a pagan...
you said you didn't mind because you liked to watch me dance naked...
So smart and confident... you laughed at my wonder... the smell of the rain... the dandelions... and you said it was silly when i wished to be a leaf... so i stopped talking to the moon... and i forgot about the sunset and the smell of summer rain... i didn't wonder... and you didn't love me any more... so all alone in my room I told the moon about you... and we laughed together and she took me dancing in the dewy grass... i wonder what you are doing now?
Tam Quid so close and yet so little time, so much to excruciatingly painful is the passing of every second as the emptiness of doing nothing sets in...nothing with any meaning. doing such and such with so and so is so so-so. there is someone there who i love so...but she loves me no...and so i sit and stare and sink into despair and try not to choke on this jessieless air. 030804
not anymore long 040919
dandy So, what now? So what? Yes? How so? It isn't a question of what or how or if, but when that so and so comes back again with his quicksilver lies that make my temperature rise to whatever temperature he bids. He's master. He's Id. He's it. He's so so gone. 041101

Xeneth Sparda

Can stand for 'Significant Other'. 041206
x twisted x so i took it for granted. and then it was over. and now i hate my life without it, but i graduated and i cant go back. ever.
give me my guard back.
IO1011 "Now what?"
Bending down the examine it, it glittered fantastically in the morning sun then turned to dust. She turned to me with sad, solemn eyes, and asked "was that my birthday present?"

I had to say yes.
Asylum Bound I always say it.

So ... how 'bout them cowboys?
fix the Cowboys, they look pretty cool, but conflicts are more beautiful when you over come them. 070720
one of many It is as it is.
As are we all.
what's it to you?
who go