bijou i tried to say it quietly. "don't be a dick, josh."

he was griping at his girlfriend because she wanted to go home. i think he wanted to schmoose with the other bands, they were from california, where he would be going soon on tour.

"erin," he said, with a stiff warning in his voice.


there was less warning this time, and more a soft sadness. i reached into the back seat to offer him my hand.

he picked it up, and i stroked his fingers roughly with my thumb. he kissed my fingertips gently, oh. gentle like dying in your sleep.

i couldn't hear what he said after that, but i got the point. something like "i would marry you in a second, but it's not accesable right now."

and then he said what i knew to be true all along

"You'd Better Be Careful."

well no shit.
harumi aww... sweet and weird and...
i dunno, i didn't really get it...
but i like it......
the first one, i mean.... Ü
what's it to you?
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