Q I was sure the blue canoe had been made in Northern California, but now I'm not so sure any more. 000209
BoofPixie swimming in southern california. nice, but don't breathe in too deep. 000311
Zoe i like california. it's filled with all the weird people like me! 000717
moonshine I can see the resemblance with my relationship with California thats parallel with my relationship to most people. I come and go. I love you long enough to want to leave you. Come back long enough to have my fill. Away to see and saviour new places, new people..Away to realize how much I really your really the only one. Liberation within your borders 000718
Brad I just confirmed my ticket. I got a ridiculously low fare through from Memphis to Los Angeles. I will no doubt be making a little journey to san diego... there are two guitarists there i want to try to score lessons with and other people i'd like to see too. And I get to see my sis and her place out there in Ventura. I leave august third. I'm greatly excited. 000719
eruth be does not exist as far as i am concerned all these people with all these stories about this california
but ive never seen it and neither have they
just another scandal it is
this notion
a lie from the government
like big willie style does not bone a bunch of women in the oval office
the dude can not keep his damn zipper up
like delaware
like anyone has been to delaware
daanuh its not as great as everyone thinks it is. 001116
lokkust california uber alles 001117
datura i've never been to california.
i have a friend who lived in california
he was born in LA. in the smog he says.
i don't believe him. smoggier than houston?
smoggier than houston.
you can't help but believe him.

but i've still never been there.
everybody is from there. i suppose poor california can't help it being such a long state. how did california get so long? tall like the redwoods are supposed to be.

like i said, though, i've never been there.
j_blue california is everything. deserts, snow covered mountains, beaches, fruitful farming regions, huge megacities, quaint suburbias, major industrial centers, isolated country communities, the whole shebang...

how could anyone want to be anywhere else?
shannon California, the state that never sleeps, could exist on its own as a country I think.

I dont know if its better or worse than anywhere else, I have always been here...
and its been as dark as the experience of any.

The lights of the city seem to reflect my emptiness, glitz and glamour, no substance, nothing to stand on.

The people can be as fake as the movies it creates, living off labels and desirous only of aesthetic walkways and streets leading to nowhere where. There is always bad music to be heard. We dig underground in parts of Europe for our soundtrack, to make us feel real we dance to the sound of grinding steel.

It is the freaks that gravitate toward the ocean looking for their freedom, and its good I think because some rarely bathe.

I dyed my hair red, brighter still in streaks, and it means that I dont belong here. But it also means that I am from here and belong nowhere else.

Someday the earth will shake us from its axis~
Which may be better, they kill us with taxes!
tourist If you ain't got the doe ra mi boys
If you ain't got the do ra mi
Better go back to beautiful Texas
Kansas Georgia Oklahoma Tennesee
California is the garden of Eden
Paradise it's plain to See
But believe it or not
You won't find it so hot
If you ain't got the dough ray me!

part of a little ditty by Woody Guthrie
silentbob i love the Ani Difranco version of that song 010122
... im going in march. 010122
Thyartshallshant I can't wait to get outta my part of California and get to the GOOD part. 010122
B-52s I'm living in my own private Idaho! 010123
manny so much space, and yet none at all. 010507
fanta too hot. take me to Alaska. 010520
good boy bi-sexual california 010521
good boys evil elf don't u mean bisexual 010521
Aimee I imagine myself sitting on the beach, and being perfectly content just watching the waves. 010521
SonyaKitty It's not all sunshine and bikinis out here. It's smog, traffic, enormous crowds that stretch for miles, ghettos filled with drug dealers & hookers, the neverending homelessness, the fakeness of Hollywood, mini corporate dictatorships lining block after block even in the most grass-roots cities (take a trip to San Francisco some time and about half of the city is now ruled by places like Starbucks and The Gap.) It's all of these horrid elements of humanity, but it's also diversity in culture, cuisine, & lifestyles; the ocean sunsets, the redwood trees, the vineyards, the orchards, and the wildlife. California is my home and no matter how many things change about this state for better or worse, there's always something I wouldn't trade for anything. I guess I just wish everyone could come out here and explore the state beyond the common "stereotypes" and they would see that the state is beyond golden. 011010
carne de metal I wish they all could be california girls! 020208
... a great album by mr. bungle 020213
Mateo You bungle yunkie 020213
fli bi the hiway California Dreaming.......I got you on my mind.................Mommas & Papas 020214
lost california is the best. the only places i would live is in california somwhere fairly close to the coast or in NYC. 020215
me californiaaaa here we come, californiaa 020317
Nick I've never been away from here for longer than a month. Though we moved like thieves. never more than a twenty mile radius. Now I'm in the desert. I feel lonely and dry like it. Deceptively pretty like it. My moods change with the climate and I think it suits me to live in a place of extremes. People think of the desert is numb, when it isn't the case. To the careful observer, everything is quietly seething right under the surface. A mass of pent-up life that goes ignored. I know it well. 020318
sbgtlc I miss it. 021201
daxle i am 021201
Tay Parker Ben Gibbard of death_cab_for_cutie is right about California, namely L.A. 030114
sara it seems like everything is from stores and restaurants. for example....hollister, in n out burger (sp?), california pizza, i could go on. but whenever they slap the name california on it, it suddenly becomes popular and everyone wants to go there or get a t-shirt from it. i find that hilarious. 030114
Anna_In_Reverse A state that makes perfect sense for you. An opportunity that makes even more sense for me. Thank you for coming through. 030114
sprhrgrl it's so exciting that i think i'll stay in bed. 030206
jane infinite_driving 030207
Piso Mojado Still a lot of lands to see
But I wouldn't want to stay here
It's too old and cold and settled in its ways here
Oh, but California
California I'm coming home
I'm going to see the folks I dig
I'll even kiss a Sunset pig
California I'm coming home
joni mitchell, california

i cant wait to go home. or graduate, so i can move to humbolt with a friend and live in a shack, with a few goats, and sell pot and work at the small gorcery store down the road, saving and making money for traveling europe... i can dream
splinken Running away to California has become a family tradition. Soon we will all be in California, and our kids will have to find someplace else to go when they need to get far away from us -- as they ineveitably will.

I've been given an invitation to go, and I have to this time or I never will.
phil oh don't go 030610
a thimble in time To Miss P.M.,
That is a lovely dream.
endless desire see: ((la))
that's the most i can say
about my dear old
yeah, that's right.
i've never even left the time zone.
Piso Mojado A TIT-
Thank you. You do realize that it's closer to reality than dream now? The opportunities of this next year are becoming clearer and clearer, like cells under a microscope. But where is my petri dish to cultivate these cells and let them grow into actuality?
a thimble in time Miss P.M.,

California is a gigantic Petri dish where microscopic geological movements can force nearly immovable plates to bump into one another, causing seismic jolts to reverberate for hundreds of miles along the Earth’s surface. Generally speaking, such an event will interrupt life all over and initiate an endless series of chain-reactions, which in theory may never come to an end. . .

Imagine a pebble being dropped upon a placid pond. At the moment of impact, a small wave begins to travel outward along the water’s surface. A second later, a water-lily stirs and an unobtrusive butterfly who was trying to enjoy a fresh cup of nectar has now taken flight. A few feet away, at the pond’s edge, a three-year-old girl asks her father about butterflies. She will grow up to become a biologist.

Earthquakes are unpredictable. So too is life in California.
The grass is greener here and our future is fascinating.

All the best,


P.S. Don’t run too quickly. There is no point in slipping on a wet floor.
endless desire A TIT--that was beautiful. i have a habit of letting people know when i think what they have written was just amazing, so i am letting you know i was blown away by your description. i am a california girl. born in the valley and grew((growing)) up in orange county. i complain about it to the point where i am sure everyone is now extremely annoyed. my family has always lived here and i am now part of the 7th generation of smog breathers. i am tired of california. and the palm trees and the mild weather. i am sick of heat waves in january and coldness right now in june. when we should wear our sweaters, we are in shorts and now, when we should be in shorts, we are wearing sweaters. you'll never begin to understand how much i hate it here until you've had no choice but to live in this place. and then you learn how to predict the unpredictable, and everything becomes so monotonous. i hope you likes california, P.M. i hope you find that california is everything you've been promised. to me, all it is now is broken promises, you see, and disappointment. but the grass is truly greener on the other side. i am allergic to grass anyways. you see, and i am just itching to get out here. 030620
sometimes is never good enough whered u go kealan? kristiana? 030701
nonsensical i love california. i've never been to L.A. but i live in San Francisco. the wind is cold and crisp but it's sunny at the same time. fog covers my mornings as i wait for the bus and my friend wants to live here. 031122
jenny enny dies And you are going to Reseda
To make love to a model from Ohio
We are all going to Reseda someday
To die

-Soul Coughing
cj "California/ I thought I would find/ Now I'm back home/ got twelve little pieces in my mind" - Semisonic

"California/ California/ here we come" - Phantom Planet

"Dream of Californication" -RHCP

"California dreaming/ on such a winter's day" - Mamas and Papas

"I wish they all could be California girls" - The BEACH BOYS

"Gone to california" - Pink

"I'm goin goin/ back back/ to Cali Cali" - Biggie

"California love" - Tupac

"Welcome to the Hotel California/ Such a lovely place" - Eagles

"California's been good to me/ It ain't like anywhere else" - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Any more I'm trying to make a CD!
:_) Don't blame me. I voted for "The Terminator". 040202
:_) cj:

your list would not be complete without "Kalifornia" by Fat_Boy_Slim
Lint Lover "California falls into the fucking ocean"-Rancid- 040523
Ouroboros i'm coming home again 060313
em knows how to party
more bounce
no reason apparently we're going to have a christmas with palm trees
life is so strange sometimes
REAListic optimIST calico_mexifornia 071125
hsg california is druhhheeeee druhhheeeee druhhheeeee druhhheeeee 071126
hsg hole_we_call_LA

im prayin' for raaiin
im prayin' tidal waves
Ouroboros lost_angeles 071127
no reason months and months 071207
no reason again, soon
los_angeles is the biggest big city i've ever seen
jane if anyone ever ends up in northern ca, holler my way... 080116
Ouroboros Thanks for breaking my heart 090526
unhinged bring my brother back to me 090527
so not snookie and bring
*my brother
back to
snook I wish I had said yes, that I would go with you to California all those years ago when we first met. 100920
SapphirePenny boys in bikinis
girls in surfbaords


I love someone in California a lot

if he actually knew

he probably would not be making jokes about me these days and

trying so hard to forget me

He was tan
and had some
bits of blonde in his hair

but he wasn't a blonde

and it was never
about him
being blonde

or even

having hair

or even

being from California

He is doing stuff right now,
aside from drugs, I mean,
that I don't have a lot of power to control..

wish I had another chance to explain myself to him

but he had merged with a taco
since about a year now

cow-a bunga

what's it to you?
who go