littledoseofperfection Jonathan 050710
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i looked for THE Saviour and found nothing
i looked for a saviour among my family, but they don't even register i'm there
i looked for a saviour among my friends, and maybe i thought i found one
but was disappointed again, because they didn't fit into the idealistic mould i had so carefully and lovingly produced.

i finally looked inside myself

to find this saviour

and you know what?

there was nothing there.
but i thought, fuck this shit
i don't need a saviour;
i deal with my shit and i don't think that relying on someone else is the answer.

my friends are there for me if i need them.
they know i'm there for them.
and so everyone and no one are the answers,
because they taught me that you don't need a 'saviour'.
so i think i'll just keep muddling my way along, and hopefully i'll be able to hold my sanity together.

or not, but what's sanity, anyway?
nomme) . 050711
a chaotic gift to idealism the idealistic realm of a collective, majority rules.
if the "insane" were the majority, wouldnt the sane then become the insane?

We dont require saviors, we may require being saved every so often, but we dont require idolizing another person.

because i love, does not make me a savior, it just means that i am there, for the better, to make better, through the worst of it all, through the best of it.
what's it to you?
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