sabbie The collective

Why do all these proclamations
come so bizarrely out of the blue?
And why do they all seem aimed straight at me?

Like today.
She leaned over to me and whispered
"You are the envy of every girl in town."
i started in surprise.
"Why?" i asked, genuinely puzzled.
She lowered her voice even further
"Because you've slept with him."
This time i stopped in surprise
"But he has slept with every girl in town."
i said.

"There's even a club"
i told her.
"i've got a membership card and everything.
We get together once a month and bitch,
we even show each other our scars..."

And then i trailed off,
as the look in her eyes told me
what it was she truly wanted to say.
thes isn't that what we are? Here I mean. This place is kind of like a little collective consciousness. if only it was as easy to feel the real one as it is this. 081231
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