doggy This isn't what we thought. But if things were less complex copless slumber in the car with a big bag of E on our collective laps. Apparently Pandora isn't kidding, her screams skittle up to the ceiling somewhere around the chandelier.
If we were better at our math, no human error, there'd be no allowance for this spining shithouse. Precision is the silence in between the radio tower flashes. Precision is about 1 mm squared. We're a little bigger than that.
argo is tired surprise! I baked you a cat! 001112
mmm i would like some body to bake my sisters cat, will you do it for me argo? 010326
etoile i no longer believe in surprise. 020127
ellen cherry charles Surprise! There's a person in your bed! 020127
god no pants! 020403
Alpha_Shell a prize in every hand grenade! 040208
u24 I've been spelling it incorrectly all this time... 040211
dunk somewhat unexpected... i haven't seen you in ages... isn't it strange to meet you here... now. wow. 040630
apparently who are you, to know my words so well?

to find me here

could only be one of three
12182005 US Vice-President Dick_Cheney makes surprise Iraq trip 051218
Syrope this isn't what i like to call flattery...

i can't get over how everything you say just makes me happier and happier to be with you. most recently things like "it's not flattery, because it's all true" and "do you want to stay the night with me? you can use my toothbrush" and "i dunno, i've never introduced any of the girls i dated before you to my friends" and "this weekend is shaping up to be really awesome. this weekend already is really awesome."

surprise, 'cause i was flying a plane
surprise, 'cause now i'm smiling again
surprise, 'cause you showed up with your parachute
surprise, i'm kinda happy that you showed up

truthfully i really can't explain
i'm floating, smiling again
truthfully i can't ignore you
'cause i've been waiting for you
truthfully i'm not desperate
i haven't changed my mind since we first met
Death of a Rose that p isn't supposed to be there.

.or the r's either
and i
what's it to you?
who go