silentbob my desire to do nothing with my life is overwhelmed by my caring for my future. 001104
Barrett scarey, is'nt it? 001105
CheapVodka I'll just cancel our the caring of my future that we all find so bothersome with my wonderful mental attachment to marijuana. Then at this rate it'll take me, say, 10 years at the least to realize how fucked up my life is... then I can just continue collecting Social Security checks every month, work a sad little job at a head shop, and remain smoking pot. But hey, at least I'll be well respected by the 16 and 17 year old pot head neighbor children.

Sadly enough... This is what I plan to do... because the generation before me that figured out this secret to life was my influence and really... I see nothing wrong with it
CheapVodka out* 011102
Risen I have found myself wondering...

When do we stop seeing each other everywhere, reading ourselves and each other? The thoughts? When do they go away?

How many times will we find each other? Lose each other?

And I think how can she be jealous when she is happily married. But I know. I understand. It doesn't go away.
rubydee I’ve been thinking of you 210414
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