mahayana of the {air} 020417
blurred-mad once upon a time (like 6 weeks ago) it was something i was frequently under 020418
silentbob bad 020418
god under the influence of meat puppets 020620
Kitten Your influence scares me,
I don't know what to say.

Six years on and you still silence me,
Have power and leverage over the Situation.

You are a bastard and a rapist.

Have a nice day.
re_alisma more on target, here. for better or for worse. the evil or the good is not something i have a lot of control over, between, or within.

the fact remains i screwed up. so, then, i should go forward with close to zero influence? invisibly? i should inhabit loserdom, silenced and controlled by those who would ascend, however crookedly, in the void i tend to leave?

influence, simple influence. recognition of influence, compensation for influence however long delayed, is the supplication. i don't give two sacks of bananas if it's in your next life.

it might be a womanish thing, i guess. and it's not exactly fame, either, for any fellow do-gooder who would make that particular charge.
what's it to you?
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