me? I wanted to give it to someone else
And hear what they would say
I wanted to give it to someone else
And watch them as they played

I left it helpless all alone
And waiting on the floor
Squirming just a little bit
And looking at the door

He would take it as he wished
And I would listen in
Documenting as I would
The sound of slapping skin
mad madame mim GIVE

I have felt the comfort
Now what did I do to disappoint you?
Idle my emptiness
and it keeps returning to remind me

That I want to remain
A child with you forever
And hear as you lay before me
You tease me and tell me to stay
But what would you give
What would you give

I have given everything I could
But I don't think it really matters
Maybe nothing does
And how it keeps returning to remind me

That I want to remain
A child with you forever
And hear as you lay before me
you tease me and tell me to stay
What would you give?
What would you give?

I want to remain
A child with you forever
And hear as you lay before me
You tease me and tell me to stay
What would you give?
What would you give?
What would you give?
What would you give?
fyn gula give your time to someone else.
it's like having a present and never opening it, but feeling like you did and then having it there to open all over again.

i'll take one of those please.
newguy Late last night as I was leaving the office, I was approached by a bum in the parking lot. I was speaking with a co-worker who had walked with me to my car, and as we spoke about various miscellaneous work-related subject matter, the bum pleaded and begged us for money. I glanced over at his face as I searched my pockets for my car keys. Tears welled up in his eyes as he pleaded desperately for "a penny, a nickel, anything". His voice cracked as he spoke. "Sorry man, I dont have anything" was my reply as my collegue presented both open palms to the man, signifying the same sentiment. The man thanked us, lowered his head and walked away. I got into my car and sat there in silence, watching the man walk away into the distance of the empty parking lot. I felt like shit. I started the car and drove towards the man. "Here you go, take this" I said as I pulled along side him and put my window down. "20 bucks! God BLESS YOU!! God bless you sir." Words cannot even come close to illustrating the joy/relief in his voice as he said "God bless you" over and over again.

My only regret as I drove away was that I didn't give him everything in my wallet. Maybe he was a junkie, maybe not. But I believed he was sincerly in need, and I hope that twenty dollars made his life better, if only for a moment.
SomeoneElse I had a similar experience once Newguy. I still regret my actions...

I was leaving a store and this older man asked for money. It was late at night and I had been drinking and I was talking to some dude and exchanging numbers...

I didn't even look at the old man and replied no, like some kind of habit...

Then the old man said to me: Tank, don't you recognise me?

Time stood still.

My heart froze.

It was Bugs who lives in my neighbourhood...

I feel so bad, so bad...

Why do we ignore them?
camille I encountered a homeless person once while at a hamburger joint, you know the place, where you walk up to the window to order...

He was staring at people as they went to the window...everyone felt for the man, the man in front of me at the window received his order and then quickly went to the man to give him a hamburger...

He held the warm burger in both hands and thanked the man. The giving man walked away feeling good about himself.

The homeless man peeled back the wrapper lifted the top half of the bun and threw the meat on the ground, put the pieces of bread back together and started eating ???????

You should have seen the apalled crowd, i just grinned. It was like watching a short play and i was the only one that got it. It wasn't that he wasn't greatful, nor was he a vegetarian. The man had no teeth, to chew the meat..
j_blue once you start, its never enough. i dont think i beleive in appreciation anymore. what has become of altruism? nothing, it never stopped being the counter instinctive abstract construct devised to optimize societies by controlling individuals through guilt.
and however you take that, remember that the winner of the battle between society vs individual determines the success of the great evolutionary experiement called consciousness
(sorry, too many words, not enough explanation, but then its blather, not an essay)
allaboutme I have so much to give... I am the most generous (of time, of money, of soul) person I know. So, where are the people lookin' for handouts? 001223
chanaka me your secrets
trust me
they will be safe with me always
but don't expect anything back
i can't give away my soul
Chrity go to:
sweetheart of the song tra bong give me my money back
give me my money back
give me my money back you bitch
megan i would give it all to you, if only you would reassure me. 030101
*silent screams Give me the power to come alive and put light into your dark world. 030206
ryro with some people
it's like feeding wild animals
and it's best
to them
that you do not give.
obsessive release Or is it best to you?

The beast comes back to devour the hand that once fed it. And your children aren't safe either. All the beast wants is to feed, not share emotion.

So hide your children, lock-up your pantry, remember to say "NO!".

Then again, if you give the beast your very flesh, are you not giving your very best.

So sit under the bridge, at your local busy street. Hold a sign that reads "High income citizen - Will work for the needy. Do you need money? God Bless Me."
again ark 040719
gln impart unto another

jlymry man i said im lonely 050618
nomme) peace a chance? 050619
a chaotic gift to idealism a break. 050619
nomme) a dog a home 050619
a chaotic gift to idealism knick-knack paddy-wack? 050619
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl give me some antiseptic
to take this headache away
give me a syringe
to inject the pain

-Jack Off Jill (American Made)
jlymry327 i took this guy to his house and we sat. it was so boring. we sat pretending to care, waiting to leave. He was cute, i was fat. I left. we had the obligatory nice nice chat the next day. Havent talked since. so do i care? 050619
In_Bloom Give in...
I put it off but then
I gave
Whiskey Give me a reason to hate you. Please? 081019
ayche hero_de4 151124
what's it to you?
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