misstree stray_cat i may be, but the impending uncertainty shivers me deep... i beg of any scrap of kindness in this crazy_universe, please, let me have a place to sleep... 050718
stork daddy you could come live with me. but it seems that's probably more scarring than sleeping on concrete. 050718
Doar i'd offer too, but the "scene" here (i imagine) would drive you to tears (real boohoo tears).

*hopes you find a place soon*
nomme) BrOKE AnD HUnGRY his sign said

he didn't want anything carbonated

we wished eachother a good evening
methinx I'll be domestically challenged by the end of the month, leeching off friends for a while. I refuse to be on the streets without securing a switchblade first. 050718
LS You have but to ask, and I will make arrangements. 050718
nom there are so many people i can help 061010
devilbunny There's something about you that inspires former president Jimmy Carter to build you house after house. 061110
pSyche homeless and 18?

Something about that isn't fucking right.

And I know, I know. You'll give me that look and ask why I'm not letting her sleep in my house. But goddamn it, I would if I could.

Why does she have to try to work 50 hours a week? Why does she have to drive a car with broken windows and live 50 miles outside of town in a crappy little trailer?

Why do we just sit and stare, as she flounders like a dying fish?

Why am I sitting here, in my heated room, with my computer, books, and bed; as she drives back to a vacant and abandoned house? Why is it that she's the same age as me, and her life is Hell without the picnic basket.

I'd change it all in a heartbeat, if I had the power, but I don't.

Or do I?
This world is diseased.
nom what else was i supposed to do? 070115
flowerock homeless vs houseless

homeless are those who are not at home in their own their own minds, bodies, souls. you can live in a house and still be homeless.

houseless are those who live outside or in some other "alternative" way. they are sane and capable and living that way by choice whether they realize the choice or not.

I have been both, homeless only briefly when I was lost in chaos and a toxic relationship. now, borderline houseless as we have a sort of house but it lacks some things and is not as secure as an actual house might be in a lot of ways. I hve a home though. in myself, with my heartmate, with our goa_pup and in our little metal box with windows.

I recieved such amazing kindness in my life while homeless and houseless. from friends and from strangers. I try to extend the same kindness when I am able too. I have to be careful though, sometimes the difference between homeless and houseless is also the difference of safe or dangerous as I have learned being in a bigger harder city.

Houseless kids who become housies are notorius for over using the heat and air conditioning and always ready to share everything they have with a big smile and can also easily let you know when to leave, they've been on both sides.

I am quite happy to have had the experiences that I have had in this way... lived on rooftops, off of bicycles sleeping on the ground, in various cars and vehicles, rv's, apartments, houses, tents, tunnels... i am ready for a better quality and higher standard of living but for me that means a nicer truck and Rv camper to pull with it : P
smallhours homeless_vs_houseless 171229
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