johnny west This word isn't in here already? It's about time! 010312
mikey i refused to put it here. you ruined it GEEZ! you have the GALL to do such a thing 010312
johnny west ::evil grin::
I refuse to feel guilty.
unhinged i would refuse you
place you in the only neat corner
of my mind
where of course you would
stick out
conspicuously with the rest of the
in here
kinda defeats the purpose doesn't it?
grendel garbace
bits and tatters and pieces

detritus and debris
grendel cant spell sometimes ach...

"Garbage", i meant to say
Iz I refuse to believe you actually meant it... 011114
mcpants she spoke in me with eyes as pale as autumn moons, her skin like ice
as i gazed upon her lifeless shore, she bowed low and sank into the earth
i hid behind a smile, even as the tears betrayed me
i call out, and she assaults me with silence
she beckons me to join her, meet her, be her
mcpants i cannot refuse... 020228
*silent screams I refuse to believe that this is real! I refuse to believe i feel this way. I will continue to deny how much i need u...until i finally break down and give in and walk through the newly opened door just waiting to give me a taste of happiness. 021206
nomme what we cannot infuse
stumble we fail to grasp
speak we are not listening
falling ~apart i refuse to let you sit
in your own depression.
You are better than that,
you deserve to be happy,
to be free, to be loved.
i REFUSE to never see you
again,i REFUSE to let you
say it's over, it's not.

please don't leave me...

i love you

rage i refused him and he got mad. is that my fault?
"why not?" he said
like i need a reason

the refusers moto:
"Not Even"
Lyl I refused to let him take my body for his one night of fun...

I also found out that he didnt love me as much as I thought
dipperwell if profuse mated with refuge

and then stood on its head
what's it to you?
who go