typhoid why is it the moment i take the ice away it starts hurting again?
making them wet burger melts into pants 000907
vortex Perhaps the word ice wasn't for me
I just felt I needed something real
Something dangerous, solid, tangible
I wanted to lunge into ice-blue
And escape my mind
Not ice to numb me but
Ice to take me away from my self
My ice age dreams...
Persona temporary crystal
so cold it's hot
anonymous oohhh god i would love a little creative use of ice cubes:) 010810
god and...? 011203
ever dumbening nine

long live bokonon
the one im beginning to see what a problem i have. Ice is not a recreational drug. You dont just do it on the weekends. You get high and higher and higher and then BAM the world ends cuz you eigther run out of money and theres noone left to con or your supplier is telling you hes out.Its like a million knives stabbing at your reality. Everyone is talking shit and evrything is moving and shadows arent just shadows they're people and monkeys and all you want is more drugs. All you want is one more hit.
but you survive the nite and then wake up with a job and people who will borrow you money. so you go out and get more and this ENDLESS CIRCLE NEVER ENDS
Jol That unpredictable medium,
the everchanging
soft solid.
that wich
must be

crazy or no.
Sarah McLachlan "the ice is thin come on dive in
underneath my lucid skin..."
Joe Corneli 999

or 9999

Nathan88 it just keeps on freezing
shadyness seems to be creeping

lost in the dark
no place to go

searching for the light
whos warmth cures the pain

amidst the lustrous rays
once dark alleyways now bright

the passion is radiant
consuming impetuosity

light illuninates the water
flowing to the darkest caverns

seeing clearly now
the blinds have been pulled
Kristopher It's raining ice outside.

It's one of the most beautiful things I've seen in my life.

It reminds me of the times I would stand upon frozen benches in the park in longcoat and tophat and name myself The Prince of Ice; Lord of All Winters.

Boy, that made the passerbys look twice. . .
Rhin it is here also, and i am going to have to drive in it, if i can ever get my frozen car door open. 021224
niska like my 'cold, black heart', it melts when we turn up the heat. 030301
r3v0lut10n isn't it hard water ?
guess it isn't
emmi ice queen 040219
no reason watching snow softly fall on the old black tower cold and slow as though in a dream with innocent eyes of children wide open in wonder made my eyes tear at the beauty
then the image changed and my eyes teared in something else
ice you all are fucked in the head go be fucked in the head on another site 050227
falling_alone i lifted the ice plate from the lid of the filthy trash lid and held it up before my eyes. it was numbing to the touch and still held on although threatened to slice the skin, which now that i think back perhaps could be a slight exageration. perhaps. i held it up before my eyes seeing the blurry outline of what lay behind, and took not of the bubble that had frozen inside, of how they had frozen so randomly it seemed, which now that i think back perhaps it wasn't so random afterall and they had frozen while in the middle of a choreographed dance. perhaps. suddenly i thought of how much this was like glass, the texture, look, and feel. so i wondered how much was this plate of ice really was like glass? which perhaps i didn't think to much about. perhaps. i dropped it then and there, the whole time my father watching on. it shattered into thousands, perhaps millions of pieces, just like glass.
andru235 landic 050310
dot order 050706
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