Tess it is warm and bright.
it makes me hum.
it shines on the back of my mind.
everything is alright.
watch the patterns
and the music.
Acuhymen Too.

Intelligent. Blinding.

Soft. Pinching.

Touching. Warm.
marjorie She is bright.
She dazzles all I see
The way I breathe
the fire that sets about the canopy that rests atop that pavilion where I lay
Arms outstreched
Feeling the world dissolving around me
Would you like to join me?
Brightly burn
And brightly disappear
It's like kidnapping.
Or running.
Only brighter. Much brighter.
Brad What it means to truly live a bright size life is something everyone must find out for themselves 000310
MollyGoLightly bright children. bright dogs that fetch and worry so when you don't come home. 000320
omnicient viewer see "me" 010506
yummychuckle it hurts my eyes. 010602
freakizh her skin is so smooth and shiny, because she's made of pure and clean plastic. 020521
over it (sort of) please, you fucking blind me. 030601
over it (sort of) fuck being over it. i'd like to be under.

i'll sink to the fucking bottom
never to return

over it (sort of) you. 030601
over it (sort of) love. 030601
over you (sort of) the me. 030601
over it (sort of) that you can't handle. 030601
nick Brilliant energy bursting forth from every pore
leaving parsecs long con trails of unquenchable atomic fire
folding space and time with careless imprecision
haring about the galaxies with no regard for natural law
Eventually matter and mass will take their price

singularities all
bryn They always saw i'm bright. They always say i'm smart. so the world is flung upon my shoulders, and I'm told to find a way to deal. This brightness that I have, it lets light on to touchy subjects, and I see the truth, or a falsity less fuzy than most. I don't want to know the truths, because they hurt, and are hard to bare. I don't want to hold the world, because the world is just to big. 040601
lou_la_belle brilliant bright sunlight
shining through my window
nib moonlight dancing on the crests of the waves,
sunlight swirling boldly with the clouds
and the minds of many.
rage so_high_you_left_me_undone 051023
frayedvine got up early the other day and it was so bright outside i thought there'd been a nuclear holocaust. i think it was 10am. you see, this is why i sleep most of the day. 060801
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