Procrastination is cool 000208
emily trams backwards... 000602
.sunshine. once but never again
mmm i am so smart, s-m-r-t 010505
glenn made fun of if you are, made fun of if you're not 020310
bethany smart vs. intelligent

this dichotomy was investigated to great lengths during high school

we were intelligent
and the people who memorized shit and spatit back out for their grades
they were smart
curious king george III we were ferocious, and the kids who practiced their moves everyday and didn't smoke were skilled.

ah...a finish line's a finish line...a pin's a pin. and a test? it ain't either of the above. it's a bit more specific, it asks to separate the functional.
celestias_shadow I'm smart, so shoot me. And I have friends, so the two are not mutually exclusive. Our culture has brainwashed us with the stereotypes of 'popular' and 'smart nerd.' well, yeah, a lot of the time the stereotypes are sadly true, but not always. there are exceptions to the rules. 030219
LaverneandGeraldine Enough not to waste my sweet time here,Chumps 030504
bandersnatch "if your dumb, surround yourself with smart people. if you are smart, then surround youself with smart people who disagree with you."
the "black guy" from sports night

sports night is right next to mash as the best (not necisarily funniest, but best) sitcom of all time
no reason if i surround myself with smart people, it emphasizes how dumb i feel. 030726
Dafremen Don't be too down on yourself. Some folks can surround themselves with turnips and get the same effect. 030726
Dafremen Take flippo for instance. And boerg47. 030726
flippo Yea and you could surround yerself with dirty jockstraps from SuperBowl IV and still not smell any sweeter you egomaniacal shitraker! Fuck you! 030726
Dafremen Ok, so obviously you know me. Who the HELL are you flippo? 030726
Dafremen Poop! 041112
dash justified in tests? found in tests? im smart because a friggin test says so? wtf? perhaps its been proven. perhaps...but as a lot of us know, these tests that prove just how gifted, how smart we are, are tests we prepare for for half a school year. what's that about? money. that sucks.
it makes me sad, honestly. but what the fuck are we going to do with the people who survived all the shit that public education put them through... how much shit do they have to go through? i suppose the school district loses a lot considering they prepare for it. its really upsetting to even consider alternatives...they all would be painful, at this point, for school systems to adopt as a whole...or even experiment with. but that's just a drunken blather. perhaps there are ideas...more likely there are ideas and thoughts i have missed. add on as you will.
epitome_of_incomprehensibility Intelligence and knowledge are not the same thing.
Ha ha ha! I'm smart 'cause I know this quote!!!!!!!!!!!
jordie I crave the respect of these people.
But only if they are modest about it.

I am smarter than 99% of the people I meet. And they all think I'm an idiot because I have blonde hair and big tits.
Ha. They are just waiting for me to prove them wrong.

Pull a fuckin 'Et tu, Brute?' on their sorry asses.
HairThief In this life you can be 'oh-so smart' or 'oh-so pleasant', for years I was smart, I recommend pleasant.

- Harvey (1950)

Smart can be inhibiting.
what's it to you?
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