sirius I crave to have a better life
One filled with laughter and joy
Now I only have a scarlet life
Filled with thunder and hell
ClairE Like carve. They changed it in his poem and carve made so much more sense. Why wasn't he angry? No respect. He read through my poems once. I found him when I came back from the bathroom. He said, you've shown it to other people, look at all these notes here. I said, That's my handwriting. Nothing sacred. Sacred like scared. He can't afford to be scared. 020101
CelticMistress is when you want something so incredibly bad that you would do anything to have it or eat it. when i was pregnant i wanted chocolate cake so freaking bad....and i knew i would throw it up because that was the way everything was coming out of my body for that month and a half. but i ate it anyways. and you can't just have chocolate cake without drinking milk. milk is definately not a good thing to drink when you know you're just going to throw it up anyways. very very bad idea. i will tell you now, milk is the absolute worst thing you can puke up because it congeals in your stomach and makes chunks bigger than your esophogus and DAMN.......does it suck. 020101
blown cherry

I didn't dream about you tonight,
but I sure thought about you REALLY hard.
bumba jones I crave the search for saque 021012
ShilohLives I crave you... 030624
complete piece of shit i crave the wave 030624
molly i have bizarre cravings. i craved yoshimi battles the pink robots earlier this evening. i craved peace and quiet, but that is not so odd, is it? i think that's what i crave the most.

i crave. craving feels like something is scraping out your insides, with a big cold knife. it feel like i will collapse, implode into myself. only that way will i be satisfied.

sometimes i crave to not exist. it's a very strong craving, deep withing my marrow, toxic and black. a dull stabbing pain. but when i think about it, perhaps it is a mislabeled craving. it is some hidden desire i have to be successful and happy and fulfilled that is manifesting itself poorly. let me psychoanylize myself.
bohemian_somebody i crave the friends i haven't seen in over three days. i miss driving around aimlessly and living at parks and yoshinoya. it seems like so long but its only been three days 041227
Evilair I've been around the bend
I can't remember when
despite my misery
that means a lot to me
you've been around I know
and me, I'm just too slow
I'm craving more and more..
rage the sparks coming from you fingertips
bursting from your eyes
lighting up your breath on my cheek
shooting out your boots when you stamp in the cold
running up your spine when they set me on fire
unhinged hugs

i feel so guilty for what i made us, that i can't tell him, talk to him about it. that my avoidant nature hasn't really changed. damn. i need a fucking therapist.
what's it to you?
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