psyki when i see you smile when i sing i know you're not hearing the words i sing and your eyes whisper as my mind tries to process this information and now i can't say that i am here right now and in all my dreams you are the pretty girl with a pink dress and shoes and your bright hair shines in the sunlight while i explain all my thoughts you're connecting the dots on my back with your teeth so if i steal your heart and your socks and put them in a box of frosted flakes that I'll keep hidden while i'm asleep on your front porch in the shade from the treehouse you made when you were nine with some sticks and a very strange mix of nails and glue and your tongue and your sister's left lung that you loved will you cry hey what's that sound i hear it's ringing in my head so clear i'd like to sing a song for you but someone else is talking through my mouth and now i cannot say i like it when i feel this way perhaps i'll never understand why i am never happy and okay unless i need to pour my tears out on the pavement for awhile 010116
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