adam is an organ of fire. 990214
kirstin don't break mine... 990329
kyo beat I'm not sure I can find the beat doktor~~~ 990329
allie where the groove is [at least DeeLite says so] 990501
jules my heartbeat has been so irregular since I met you James.
my heart has gotten so much excercize and has felt so many extreme feelings.
It's so good.
I'm so happy with you.
daxle swelling until I almost choke and can't deny anymore that I feel this way
I'm sad
I miss you
*nicole* a heart is a symbol of love, yet one of the most important organs in our body. therefore, if you could not live without a heart, can you really live without love? or is the heart the thing really doing the loving? could it be that your mind, *you*, holds all the love, but has brainwashed yourself (is that truly possible?) to believe that it is your heart...? 990827
*nicole* ...its all so confusing. 990830
Ned has nothing to do with love. Don't be confused; love is in the liver. The Romans had it right. 990927
t better to have broken than to break 991016
Nate Higins Won't somebody please help me?
Frozen imprisoned now broken free;
I bleed without blood to show;
My heart barely beats, so slow;
Countless pinpricks drained me dry;
She broke my reason: now why do I try?
ricmariem a friend in times of love

a foe in times of mitral valve prolapse

you think of it whenever asthma strikes
megan mine is leaky. or can get so over time. and it skips beats when i drink tea or coke or eat chocolate. i do all three. heart goes beat buh beat irregularly. instead of beatbeat. 991118
koti mine lies within the hands of a lovely boy who could sing down the stars. 000108
calliope mine's in there somewhere
i think
it hurts to touch it
it's hidden quite well so no one can find it
girl lots of cracks band-aids and scar tissue 000326
bryson Bleeding drop slow-drop
and your jaw hangs low
where did your guts go?
All empty inside
a damaged firefighter
with a gasoline hose
pulled a ring from your nose with a
rusty pair of pliers and laugh
laugh laughed
god, my aching heart.
silentbob with every beating of my heart it cries out your name
every day without you is never the same
it's always a whole new world without you
i love you SO MUCH and you love me too
every mornign i wake up with your arms in mine
then i wake up the rest of the way and feel less fine
if i were to never see you again, id never regret getting attached
i'd always be looking in the sky to see if your angelic presense was there to catch
when i look at your face i see forever
and i love thinking up new ways of expressing how happy i am we're together
i ache when we must be apart
and try to find solace in the fact that i have your heart.
Samantha I have a heart. It beats with an assortment of passionate feelings. If you look at me, I appear to be the opposite of what I am. No one know s what I feel and why and I think Jove himself for that. I would never be the same. 000912
somebody bravery or cowardice, love or hate, strength or weakness, all things find there root in the heart, the seat of motivation...all the more reason to keep it off your sleeve and more safely reserved for a select few to enjoy, after all, it's your heart, be selective with it 000915
SCOTT you have to be selective-too many hurts

add up wistful and sad

but true

but enjoy your heart, it beats w/passion

when you allow it
and it hurts too...,
emily ...mine is always broken much too easily...especially by him...i probably let him do that... 001201
grendel ache 001201
Ariadne rip it out. stop it's beating. kiss it, revive it, for it beats for you. 001214
Mlle Avril Officially, Elvis died of cardiac arrhythmia. Ha. Maybe it was the ten drugs -- including dilaudin and codeine -- that did him in. Huh? 001221
melynoz the strongest part of our body, yet the weakest part of love: it surges in courage and crumbles in emotional pain
when mountains we can climb, when love we fail to gain...
Victoria a place for me to be beaten down even more, a tool to help destroy my self-respect, a black hole for reason 010105
brad Don't break my heart my achy breaky heart cuz I might eat cheese and puke all over the mice...fiddily diddily doo! 010118
JessieLee THE MICE, MAN. THE MICE!!! 010122
squirrel why oh why why why
does it keep pulling me back to her?
someonme body 010205
carey you run through my veins, and into my heart. 010205
superslutstar the moSt gentlE of objEcts... the mOst beAutifUl of shApes.... 010326
birdmad i wore it on my sleeve for her

one day she ran off with it, returning it some time later with someone else's heel print ground into it
laura goodbye
to the warmth
of the sun
it is so cold
in the shadow
of the statue of
the Christ
vampers mine yearns for something i cannot find, burns from hatred, smiles from love, love from him, love from my friends, but its aches with pain of sorrow and guilt 010402
chaotic_poet pretty piece. Fragile like glass. Great joy, great pain. Angels sing with love. Gone, gone, gone with daylight. secrets flee in the light. Too pretty, too real. Empty sometimes. Lonley as well. But always lovley. disciple of eros bow down at thy object of worship. 010511
johnny west Don't wear your heart on your sleeve; keep it in your sock. 010512
nocturnal but then wouldn't it get all stinky? I think its natural location of inside the chest is really where it belongs. works for me anyway. plus, it makes it all that much more fun for people to get to it. 010513
mushroomman She makes it race, pounding in my chest
but when she is gone, she takes it with her, and i am alone, why am i alone, i need something to fill this gap, but who or what,
Who is she?

Nay, i cannot say her name
karmakazie what a wonderfully mysterious item, the heart...for it is the only thing that has to break several times to become stronger. 010609
The Truth The Heart had so much more meaning before medics stole the word for organ naming. The proverbial "heart" as it has been referred to since ancient times is located inside your mind.

The center of your core.
The nucleus of your being.
The Middle of your mind.

Perhaps the hypothallumus should have been named heart, and the heart should have been named blood pumper, or pumpius bloodius.
nanny If you are going to play,
Play with this rubber ball.
But don't play with my heart,
Because it wont bounce back.
Rayne torn and bruised and left to burn. From you I've been left with the pieces that will never be the same. It will always yearn for you and scream your name. 010925
insomni225 Give me back my heart
I let you take it away
I wanted you to have it
Thought someday I might have yours

But you arent who I thought you were
You arent what you claimed to be
You arent the person I trusted you to be

I gave you how many chances?
I came back how many times?

I never wanted to hurt you
You made me think I had

But I cant hurt you like youve hurt me
I cared about you too much
way more than you ever did for me

I used to think you might have
I wondered but now I know

I gave away my heart
How do I get it back
From a person I dont even know?
the_engineer my heart is cold, yet burning with desire for what is not there...

It is indifferent to the way of life which i do not have...

my heart aches for someone to love

my bank account needs to have some backup before i can think about spending the money on someone other than myself....

however i think if my heart found what it is seeking, then things would be better
Claire Heart is a band.

It is also inside of me.

Sometimes I am afraid it will stop.

I know someone with a heart condition.
He probably worries about it
more than I do.

The stopping, that is.
whoknows you tore it right out of my chest, threw it on the ground, thought about stepping all over it, but decided to just leave it there to suffer.

stepping on it would have been much better. it wouldnt still be beating for you in this weird i-dont-want-you-but-i-do kind of way.
god oh, annie... dreamboat annie... little ship of dreams.... 011126
Norm If you're gonna hit me, hit me hard. I need to know you care. I need a bruise to remeber you by. 011126
Annie111 I am a dreamboat? Good to know.

ClairE ClairE: crap i hate it
ClairE: that you cant' put 3
ClairE: you have to put "heart"
ClairE: but I guess that facilities blather anyway
ClairE *facilitates 011128
ClairE This is my heart.
This is my heart.

(two summers ago)
Annie111 What is more important? Heart or mind? 011202
ilovepatsajak "hearts will never be made practical until they can be made unbreakable."
the wizard of oz to the tinman
warnika my heart is cold
and has been abused
and now i can let no one in

i seek out the day
i can let it venture out again
and pull someone in
optic discretion How interesting that we associate the best with the heart ... to love with all your heart they always say. Yet the true center of our being lies within our souls ... without it, life is meaningless. A blood-pumping organ to be associated with nature at its best ...

yet what about that which differs us from all others?
bittersweet Heart!
I shall not want again ... I shall make you and mold you into a stoic, cold, indifferent object. We shall not desire the warmth of his touch ... his gentle voice, nor the way he always draws us back.

You shall not weep again, the bitterest tears of all ... we shall not experience again the stabs that leave us wounded forever. How many more tears must you and I shed? We have suffered enough.

Let us forget him, and all those like him. yet he was so perfect ... so very perfect ... the way his mouth curved as he smiled, the way his arm fit so perfectly just around my shoulders, the way his eyes shined as he professed his love, the way he would listen ...

Heart ... we shall forget him, and all he stands for ...

Never again ...
Star You are in my heart. The only light that shines there in the dark. 020105
... my heart my sacred heart...
smashing pumpkins
Rebecca Oh, Heart, my Heart resillient, though...
LOng love has deemed to let you go...
I cannot leave you on the ground.
Oh Heart, my Heart whose feelings fell..
has tempered yet a song to tell...
It is so nice to hear th sound
Mahayana ... tracing outlining curves
of souls soul
shadowing bindings…beating fingers stitching
emancipation… exodusly inspired by

sketchings …delineating arcs
of a souls… obscurely trussed Achilles
pulsating…brushwood lashings…
sequestering impetusly divine
evolutionending achy breaky hard drive 020121
Bachelorette Caught in my heart like sand turned to pearl. 020219
you heart is a symbol of valentines day. yet it comes to a point in the curves where the love ends. 020224
green eyes my heart bounds in my chest
i see your face,
your eyes make me melt
into a puddle of adoring mud,
my heart is leading me too you.
there is no stopping it
a young womans heart
glenn begins to pump blood
after a while it stops
life ends
glenn begins to pump blood
after a while it stops
life ends
lycanthrope if she quickens, so does my pulse,
if she strains, so does my heart.
She knows the rhythm of my blood's flow it seems, as if it was some ancient river she'd swam across in dreams. And when she was t ired, she rested for a while, on a sturdily throbbing warmth. My heart can't break, but it tries everytime when she gets near, it rallies for a beat longer than a second, a kiss beyond our mouths.
Syrope notice that the cutesy-drawn heart has two humps for the two people it takes to make it beautiful, but also a point for the pain it can cause.

i dont believe hearts actually break, as in shatter, when your "heart gets broken." i believe the human condition is to be born with an unconnected heart. some people grow up and don't seem to have all of their heart, and that's because in infancy, childhood, and early years, the pieces weren't arranged. pieces are aligned by parents, friends, and most importantly, yourself. Then you meet that special person, and all of a sudden your pieces are being squeezed so tightly together like when you have all but one piece of a puzzle-ball put in. everything feels so right. gooey love-glue oozes over your heart and *ta-da* everything's great. but then, without reapplications, the glue starts to deteriorate, and eventually things fall apart. the pieces are still there, but the edges are gunked - aka you know more of what you want next time, so the brand of glue you want will be a little different, more specific. sometimes so much heartache makes the pieces almost impossible to fit together, and so tears and slow trust have to whittle away the edges to make them ok again.
sometimes a person will even steal a small chip out of your heart, and you'll always remember them, and you'll always look for an element of them in your future love experiences. Everybody has a void to fill.
blown cherry Stomped on time and time again.
By me.
Broken so many times,
into so many pieces,
and never enough
between stopming sessions
to let any of the teensy weensy
pieces heal,
and so tinier they become.

But they still work.
Damn them
they still work.
I've tried to
them every way I know how,
but still they light up
only to yield more pain at the end.

Has anyone got a dustpan?
I think the only way to fix this problem is to remove this heart completely.
Surgically if neccessary.
Perhaps I could just drain it of all blood...

And no, don't try and offer me a new one,
even if it's yours.
I don't want it.
I can't handle a heart.
Yet another course I failed at uni - heart control 1A.
kill rhythm if you had a heart, i would tell you that he'd break it
But you dont, so dont even try to fake it.
if you want, ill tell you that i hope you two make it
but that would cause pain, and i dont think i could take it

go fuck yourselves

or each other...which is probably what youre doing right this very minute
blown cherry blathering instinctively I'd forgotten I'd already blathered here, and it wasn't so long ago either.
I don't feel like that right now.
Maybe I will again, we'll see.

The clairvoyant asked me if I ever listened to my instinct?
She asked if I ever made decisions according to it? as opposed to making decisions according to one's head...or one's heart.
Heart vs instinct?
I wasn't aware of the distinction, so I sat and thought about it for a minute.
I decided that most of my decisions were according to my heart,
so I shook my head and replied that I did not follow my instinct.
She told me that I should.

But after thinking about it some more,
the distinction between instinct and heart becomes fuzzy again.
My heart is my reigning sovereign.
It is by far the most outspoken and overbearing of all my internal organs.
My head barely ever gets a look in.
But where does my instinct fit into it?

It's the feeling deep down in my abdomen, it's the cord that tightens around my chest. But it stems from my aorta, following it's path back to the start, my heart.

My instinct tells me not to let go.
And so my heart is incapable,
I am incapable.

Forget what my friends try and shove into my head, they do not realise that talking to my head is going to have the least effect, they'd be better off conversing with my kidneys, or splein, might have more of an effect.

My heart does not want to let go, it likes being in love with you, no matter the pain.
My instinct dares not disagree with the almighty super power, so urges me on.
I am incapable of letting you go.

The symbiotic relationship between the two makes them totally inseperable.
I cannot listen to my instinct above my heart, nor could I regard my heart above my instinct.

But does it really matter anyway?
They say the same thing:

Don't_let_go of him
just wondering the solution sounds ez. just get together with him/her and consumate your friendship. it sounds like you have the motivation and skills to really make it happen. wassup with that? 020522
blown cherry He's confused. And I'm scared of making it worse and losing him altogether.
Maybe I'm waiting for the right moment to come along.
blown cherry And how do you figure I have the 'skills' to do it, motivation yes, but skills? 020523
keeptryingquittersneverwin skills=communication skills to express your love and true feelings. maybe he is in the same boat; scared and not sure that he has the same skills? maybe he dont know how to reach you either. maybe he is waiting for the right moment. sounds like if both are waiting, its some sorta love mexican standoff. maybe a mutual friend could assist. love is too weird sometimes; really you're asking the wrong guy. my own love attempts never work out; its just i have this "useless" communication degree and some stuff kicks in everynow and then. good luck, i hope you make it. 020523
modest mouse ...cooks brain 020523
blown cherry the nihilist We're friends, yes, but the friendship has been consumated too many times to remember, and this has no effect on the way he feels about me.
He does not love me.
I can't make him love me.
He just doesn't.

Anyway, see my first blathe on this page. Well and truly applies again.
nifengfeixiang3 ÁôÑÔ°å 020531
Sailor Jupiter Last night a guy said my heart was made of coal. "I'm a natural resource!" I beamed and he just smiled. 020531
Shelly Reed May yours never hold a going out of business sale. 020611
xxx I am Jack's broken heart. 020720
december interrupting ur daily life... 020807
devalis I pick my cracked and bleeding heart up off the floor,
put it in my pocket so it can heal.

I'll pin it back to my sleeve later.

I want to sketch my love upon the wall of the past
Knowing that even if I dirty my hands,
They can always be washed clean again
RadariG slowly suffocate me
my blood boils through
the veins up to the surface
and boils all it touches
like acid . . .
emily_d we will forget him 021127
kait i knew that i loved him because my heart beat really fast when ever i was around him. 021208
me i love you i hate you i just cant live without you. i need you i breath you i just cant live without you! i just cant take anymore 021221
Plastic Jesus A disgusting human flaw, the core of weakness. 021225
wish~ "i know i have a heart. i can feel it breaking." 021226
Rickster Let it break and find your cure, for it was just another one of life's valuable lessons that you've now endured. 021226
pontifier the fist sized organ directly north of the vagina 021226
angie I gave you mine
It was the best decision I have ever made in my life
It wasn't even a decision to make in the first place
It was natural instinct
My heart is yours
catherine here's my heart, I'll let you break it. 030224
Eowithien Its only a muscle
It doesn't feel the way I do
My heart in the physcological way
Is also called my soul
Its only a part of my anatomy
You can wear it like a shoe
The heart that I use everyday
Is the one that takes the toll
Of being in love.
niska mine grew three sizes that day 030301
Rael i feel kinda heartbroken. :( 030312
me "create in me a clean heart, O God"
re-create in me a soft heart
re-create in me an open heart,
wash my heart with snow & hyssop,
i had a gentle heart, O God
but someone turned it into stone
"create in me a clean heart, O God
and renew a right spirit within me."
End Is Forever Please just don't play with me
My paper heart will bleed
This wait for destiny won't do
Be with me, please I beseach you
Simple things that make you run away
Catch you if I can
meredith We wore concentration,
faces ablaze
Lips parted with sweat
and hearts a thousand years still beating.
Taciturn breath leapt at this memory
as fire inches towards extinguishing itself.
On nights when dusk lingers too long,
I knew you'd be sure to lay your arms on me-
Choose quick passion over
linger apathy.
You grin, a poor shield
against that which you deny existence to.
Your skin, swollen from your hidden truth
tells what your mind rebels.
I can see clearly,
though your blurred, midnight eyes
there is little your heart understands
but rhythm
River Scientists follow their minds, and therefore are proclaimed geniuses thereof. The true genius lies within the heart, and in what way it is listened to. Any one among the Earth is born with the power to contain a strong-willed heart, and it is the decision of themselves to lose or use this power. Those who use it and follow it, those are the true geniuses and great men and women. 030923
Priscilla muscle. 031004
Priscilla muscle. 031004
timestop and i tore it in five. 031110
shivers beats
i cant feel urs speeding up right b4 ur sick
it scares me sometimes
phil one thing keeps you alive 031113
crushed wrists my heart is so fragile that just me giving it to you would break it.. 031114
marjorie I didn't have the heart to tell you
That I'm not what you're looking for
When you say I'm perfect
You're just tired
And I'm so very far from
I didn't have the heart to tell you then
And I don't have the heart to tell you now.
pansy There is a crowd in my mind
But vacancy in my heart
And I’m still dreaming
pansy petal by petal
you take off my skin
kissing my every limb
you make me surrender
into your arms
like a child I’m helpless
you take my heart
into your hands
to protect it
and I’m no longer
separate from you
I’m in you
being you
and I’m crying
so hold me tight
and don’t let me go away
Brittlez My heart with all my love will corrupt your minds and souls 040127
sara emily the heart promotes hurt. 040207
volcano i imagine my heart to be pink.
and small.
like my fragile neice in the grass.
little girl. sometimes i'm pretty sure i have more like three hearts rather than just one. 040219
Eowithien Not quite sure I've got one. The emotions just get thrown around inside until they spill out through my eyes and make my head pound.

It *should* be a shield against your hurts, so I *know* I haven't got one because all your hurts always end up in me. Bouncing around before they spill out.
me Heart and soul 040304
Hobart I answered this ad for a really cheap room to rent, and the house had one wall burned away. The person who lived there said I could move in and he didn't care what I did. He looked like he meant it. Then one day he came home and I was playing scales on the electric guitar, listening to some unrelated song on the stereo, and watching TV. He looked at me for a moment and then just said "no". What did he care, he lived in the basement! And his wall was burned down! 040310
Substance Sometimes my heart beats only out of habit. 040328
www.blackandred.de.vu black is the heart of all that is not god

www . black and red party .de . vu
www.blackandredparty.de.vu black is the heart of all that is not god

www . black and red party . de . vu
dosquatch retarded is the nit who keeps posting this black&red crap.

ofsuch i give you my heart. please take it, i don't want it anymore. piece it back together if you must, but i doubt all the crazy glue and duck tape in the world could make it stay in place. 040430
Lint Lover I am the girl with a heart of gold who loves the boy who wears his heart on his sleeve.
My punk rock prince charming
tr why is it that I think you can draw the most wonderful hearts?
maybe because.. everytime you draw one I think about where my heart is right now and i know its with you and maybe... you are just drawing my heart...
JustOnMonday I never understood why was the heart the chosen organ to represent love. why not the stomach, love is not even an emotion, it is a need that every human has, like food and water. or why not the mind, surely that is where emotions and thoughts come from. the heart is only an organ that passes blood through your body. at least, that is what i have been told. it is true the heart can not conjure emotions or thoughts. but the heart symbolizes love because it is the main organ, that if broken, could cause the most damage. it had been taken from me, put in the hands of another, tenderly cared for or so i thought, then it cracked and then it crumbled. this was not my heart, it was my love. but now that my love has been broken so has my heart. It was not you who had destroyed it, it was me because of you. so here I am, dying, with the knife in my hand and blood on the floor. So I guess the heart is full of love after all or at least blood. 040609
hsgatincamail openness surgery 040620
emmi you know something is wrong when the sound of your own heartbeat is enough to keep you awake all night. 040622
hsgatincamail i love the sound of our hearts beating. 040701
hsgatincamail i once got my heart rate up to 290 beats per minutes. it was a decent workout. i can sometimes sum up how enjoyable my day is by the highest heartrate i reach. when i see loneliness as sadness and interaction as a friendship, intensity is my way of more meaningful interaction, and exhaustion satisfaction. running stairs in plastic swinging weights, heartbeat louder than the cd. something new is beautiful and the level of intensity can some up the value of the experience. 040701
Lonely HH HH




Heal My Heart
somebody ¢¾
why wont this work?
It's supose to be a qute lil hear but insed it just looks like
what have I done wrong?
besides spelling cute with a q 040827
laura in the end, she'll be the one to kill you 040906
emmi i was scratching my ear and my heart shaped earring fell to the floor. i found the back, but not the heart. i looked under the bed, under the carpet, in the dustbin, on my desk, on the windowsill, in my hair and clothes, and finally (after about 30 mins) found it right there, on the floor under my chair. and then i felt silly. 041121
once again bisected muscles held in my hand, this used to pound with passionate fervor. cradled like a child, to small to be let go...
how fragile it seems sitting here.

deep maroon against these pale hands of mine... what right do I have to pass judgement?

I have held a heart in my hands... probed its ventricles with my fingers... and found that the human heart is beutiful in more ways then we believe.

Xeneth Sparda

An organ commonly used to pump blood back_and_forth through the bodies of most creatures on this planet. Why it's commonly used as a metaphore for love, I havn't the slightest. 041206
maia today this refers to love, but it used to mean the conscience. 050128
maia today this refers to love, but it used to mean the conscience. 050128
summer i am empty this time. 050211
Malkeezadek because my heart is in ohio! 050428
Sirius To quote Sonata Arctica: Fragile like a rose on the snow....to me this is a heart..but not cold! 050518
emmi he took my hand and we laced our fingers. i squeezed. you squeezed.
"this is a heart. look, it's beating" i said.
you laughed. "a black and white heart."
RedXlll your heart is just a muscle.. tell me,
how can you love someone with a muscle?
Snook Hehehehe.....do you REALLY want me to answer that??? 050928
jesse i heart jesse 050929
flowerbed on a cloud I'm not surprised to end up here. Of course I'm not, how could I be? The heart is such a funny thing, especially since we seem to feel with the heart, but actually feel with the brain, such a funny concept...

Nevertheless still very pleasant...
love broken heart

its all i had

i've lost my reason and will to live

i want to die

why won't i die?

kill me now


i love mike

i love mike

make me forget it-quick
anne & nancy even it up
even it up
even it out
bb35 i thought, i said that he couldn't break it anymore. i lied.

"i found someone to love me like i love them" what the fuck does that mean?
bb35 i thought, i said, that he couldn't break it anymore. i lied.

"i found someone to love me like i love them" what the fuck does that mean?

I keep my heart in a vault......
My love under lock and key...
Encased in a frozen compartment...
Of platinum, lead and steel.
Who has the key remains to be seen...
They'll have to be strong, they'll have to be keen.
Maybe to you, love is not much...
But my love can be so strong, that the pressure can crush.
You always think that your love is real...
You even say it's the way that you feel...
But you're just my friend, and you know that I....
Can't love you that way, I would never try.
You're still building emerald cities so grand....
Diamond mountains, of golden sand.
You keep persisting that your love it true....
Your alter-ego's gotten the better of you.
Take a look at yourself, then look at me...
Our lives are out of synch, we'll never agree.
You can't handle my love, you can't handle my life...
You can't handle my tantrums, that can stab like a knife.
You don't deserve me, you're much too nice....

You'll cast no shadow, please think twice.

You don't understand the things that you say...
Don't love me, don't need me, you must stay away.
The gossip I hate and the talks I despise...
You've tripped on your heart, it was not a surprise.
The letters from you are getting too much...
But I have to admit, that I still enjoy such.
What did I do to draw you to me...
I did not show love, didn't you see?
For what it's worth, I still do care...
Maybe I could've loved you, but the love is not there.
Don't wait for me darling, let go of my hand...
Your love is a Jet plane, and it's now time to land.
I'm really sorry if I broke your heart...
But if you understand, you'll smile, then part.

From a love to a friend...
Another chapter must end.
katherine. i felt the status quo,
i lived an average life.

but my heartbeat has gone irregular
since the moment i met you
it has gotten so much exercise,
it has been to so many extremes,
and only because of you.

it is so tiring.
it is so good.
now, i am really living
i am so happy with you.
Emptyness Alive the heart. so many things to so many people. to divorces a traitor. to newlyweds a friend. to doctors an organ. to me a heart 060526
patsypink ...some just don't appear to have one at all 060722
Emptyness Alive heart = love
love = Happiness
Happiness = smiling

Heart broken = Unhappiness

The heart is the ruling part of our lives it tells us what to do at the time.
dessiahs_song the secrets of.

a hoard of glorious lies, golden marbles and an ocean of tears.
Clare Does Jules' heart still skip a beat for James? I hope so. Does James want it still? I really hope so. I'm affraid that all good things come to an end. I hope not. 070216
f afraid of everything 070217
TrueMe Needs healing sometimes.
When others when give you the energy to assist with it...

...you must do it yourself.
TrueMe Needs healing sometimes.
When others won't give you the energy to assist with it...

...you must do it yourself.
*Amy* amazingly broken by love 070321
karyn heart of oak. A heart like a steel drum. A vibrant opening through which few see.

What it is...

I do not know much of your heart. Do you know any more of mine? That I could not say. Please let it be an echo of my own.
Apple Eating Heathen My heart broke today when I didn't get the job.

back to the bookstore I go.

I'm so disappointed.

For some reason, blather came to mind.
Apple Eating Heathen My heart broke today when I didn't get the job.

back to the bookstore I go.

I'm so disappointed.

For some reason, blather came to mind.
hsg i just want to follow a path (w/i t) he art. 080724
steampunkrock in the desert
i saw a creature, naked, bestial,
who, squatting upon the ground,
held his heart in his hands,
and ate of it.
i said: "is it good, friend?"
"it is bitter—bitter," he answered;
"but i like it
because it is bitter,
and because it is my heart."
--stephen crane
hsg ah, don't desert your heart even if you have to eat it in the dessert.... for desert... as bitter medicine...


hsg (thr3e) 080725
In_Bloom Itchy
stukadukadush skoooooommphiiiiiiiiiiiiiibbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! 081118
secondbody in a metal shell, my chest 081125
crocheting_heart it beats in my chest and I feel every one..

the source of life!

hold your love.

missulena A Broken Heart

The ancient Romans poisoned
the holy Pagan springs
with sheets of lead
for their baths,
for their sense of civilisation.

Civilisation is a four-wheel drive
that crashes,
that has no crumple-zone,
so that when it stops moving
your organs do not
and your aorta
tears free inside you,
like a broken heart.

Now see what I have become,
measuring my life
in coloured pills:
red and orange,
large and small,
one for insomnia,
one for anxiety.
Risen My heart carries a secret around with it. Every day I wonder if this is it. If this is the day I break my silence.

It has been 33 days. Seriously. That's all. I remember when 20 days seemed like a lifetime. I knew nothing.

But the question remains. One day, will she come and search the blue for the reason? And should I leave her a breadcrumb?
jane please leave her a trail. you never know. 150129
h Ast ic 150130
Broken_Soul It’s broken. I am broken. If I knew how to communicate, things would have been good between us. As it is, I am a fucked up, broken soul whose heart has been shattered so many times into so many pieces that I don’t think it will ever feel again. 240114
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