typhoid sitting in the greenest glade of the the most vivid dream, over a running rivlet full and wet, the words don't do you justice. green eyes green smile.. just so pure. and you doubt that i could even understand what i would miss. maybe you are missing something by leaving me. yes, we all are a different perspective. i am never serious, you knew that when you came... 000826
typhoid but you can't believe that perfection. all grown out of a mind. i still think you're afraid. of something. dammit, show me! what else do i dream for? 000826
Clarence I kiss the smell of you, that sprung; formed clean,
of lilles white lighted and smooth,
and sunflowers that stand in praise and glean
warmth from their slow worship.

Have I plucked the flower? I know not
but when you looked (ah! glancing quicksilver that you show)
across the way that I cannot,
I saw the sadness of me, long ago, so long ago.
what's it to you?
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