anchor baby something is gone from my soul
and try as I may
I cannot find anything that fits
so perfectly as you did
typhoid that's what i'm missing! music! the stuff in my head is all echoes at the moment. let's see if i can find any.. or better yet, make some. 000825
the todd terry remix like the deserts miss the rain 001201
micro if i'm able to feel anything, it's you're not here. and i'm not there. now our souls don't fly anymore. mine doesn't. if we could just end this missing and never be apart again. 010313
13lueee But I'm not too sure
How I'm supposed to feel
Or what I'm supposed to say
But I'm not, not sure,
Not too sure how it feels
To handle every day
And I miss you love...you left and that was it...now i'll never know and thats the part that i hate the most, you were just starting to get to know me and then you left...left me too...the sad thing is that you don't care anymore...or ever
distorted tendencies missing my happiness that i used to have.

Oh my, there it goes again..

It only comes around every few eons or so.
distorted tendencies I'm missing you terribly right now. It can't describe it. I want you to be here.. -sighs- I_love_you_more_than_anything. I just don't think those words alone are able to describe how I feel about you. You are everything. I swear. 010922
Inanna What runs through your mind when you see missing people in your maill? 011108
Alana huh? la la? 011108
whoknows you... but not as much as i used to 011108
ClairE children.

blueberry I wonder if they know... I wonder if every photocopied picture is another way to take away a part of themselves. I wonder if they feel theirs something missing.

Do you wonder why you're not on there?
me more than any words will ever be able to descibe the pain of not being able to be with the one you love so desperatley with all of your heart and soul. I miss you! 020517
squigglybee i miss you so much right now, and i know you know it because you miss me just as much. thw two of us have done so much missing the past few months, that is has become a daily part of our lives.

it could be worse though. i could not be missing you and not have you to miss. i'm lucky i have you, and if that means i have to miss you sometimes, i'll survive it somehow.
squigglybee you know what's cute? "the missing piece" by shel silverstein 020705
gmw missing: BEST FRIEND

best friend for 15 years last seen last christmas at my sisters house, last heard from--around April. If anyone knows where she might be found, please tell her to contact me.....or check her email
andrew I miss you scent
I miss your voice
I miss the feel of you beside me
I miss your ever-interesting view
I miss you, altogether you
paranoid martyr :) 030910
i am 031201
walrus hey, i had to write this poem for english i think it was in choka form (japanese) lines alternate from 5 sylablles to 7 with an additional 7 sylablle line at the end. maybe some people can read and tell me if it is okay because i think it is terrible but i already turned it in. should i expect a crap grade?

reue maybe i never had some in the first place 031202
starmouse i am. 031203
anonymous Early this morning it was discover that the words that once expressed themselves on the blather page are now missing! The massive public outcry for justice that soon followed has prompted local law enforcement to mount an around the clock hunt for any punctuation that might have seen the rhyme take place. On the federal lever a world wide web search for any suspicious sentences that might be harboring the missing words is now in progress. A spokeman for the white made the statement -- The people are calling for nothing less then Capital Pun-ishment!

Later in the day FBI agents stated they would do everything clause-able to bring the perpetrators to justification. Furthermore, once apprehended, under the direction of the States Attorney Drew H. Wrigley they would seek nothing less then the most severest sentence.

These comments were followed by local authorities saying , "We have no reason to believe the missing words have been harmonized in anyway despite the eyewitness testimonies claiming they saw broken sentences all over the page" Concluding they had every confidence that the missing characters would be found and returned safely to their home-page soon.

An earlier report presented by on-site investigators concluded the possible murder weapon, found on the desktop, was not related. The weapon was then reveled as a tasteless text file containing a new Bobby and Peter Farrelly screenplay. Authorities well aware of their previous callous assassin on characterization had suspected the brothers were once again masquerading as actors-slash-directors-slash-writers and committing unspeakable crimes on literature.

Fearing the worst - critics of the brothers speculated they might have eaten the words as part of a horrific plan to later spew them on unsuspecting moviegoers. However, a further examination of the contents of a nearby trashcan labeled "recycle bin" believed to have contained the cinematic vomit only revealed a turd in the form of an unrelated Internet porn advertisement that had been discarded there.

Both agencies sighting recent rumors of mass erasure, inappropriate abbreviation and underworld ties to the famous alphabet crimes as being totally un-font-ed and highly unlikely! Personally, this reporter smells a mischievous critic or misguided editor at work here - but that is not the opinion of this TV station.

In a possible related story; It was confirmed that the logic from the lyrics of Trick Daddys' new Rap album were still missing? Sadly authorities on that case conceded that there was little hope of a recovery. Comments on how common sense can be protected in future album releases suggest Trick should attend a few night classes and at least get his GED.
Syrope you resisted a little too confidently
so i took it back, i can do that now

and now you want me to change my mind
it's not me you're missing
Taunt I am not a girl. I am not a boy. I am not a toy. I am betveen yesterday and tomorrow.
I have a lot of mistakes in my english writting, but i am a big-big missing. The missing in english.
I miss him. Hi is an angel who wants to care of me, to take me out of
big-big rougth world.
I hate NLP, picuppers, rusian vodka and belorussian gup-press.
Love? It is missing forever.
andru235 lost: the sense of science

found: a planet of intellectual idiocy
Given _didn't_know_whom_to_tell_... 050101
WMD (: 050102
rage when you're over there when i need you here 050321
. I am missing - presumed dead. I am nobody. I am dangerous. 050321
saturn rox im missing that free feeling that i get when i want nothing else in the world and im so happy i could die without a whisper of sadness. im missing the feeling of the world melting around me as stare at my ceiling. im missing the feeling of seeing a fimilar face in an unfamiliar place. 050731
peyton somehow you can always tell
when you meet someone for the first time
whether they.. are missing something
and then i wonder
if they hurt
and then i wonder
how they spend their darkest evenings
what are those secrets
what do they whisper to their tears in the dark?
everything but the girl I look up at your house
and I can almost hear you shout down to me
where I always used to be
no reason i'm missing everything 061019
jane it's mornings like these i_miss_you the most. when it's not even a morning, it's half past one, and the rain pours down unforgivingly on the dead leaves that carpet the sidewalk. when my memories are gauzed with wool, hazy like milk in water. the walk home seems like a vision, and the feelings i have perhaps induced by my trancelike state. i am afraid of your reactions. and yet still i remain numb. 081101
In_Bloom The smell of forests
The ocean
Taste of real Sourdough bread
Fourth of July Fireworks
Walking through small towns
Driving to get lost
*things best shared*
Groshing.Ooma you're missing again and what's unforgivable for someone else is just a source of fear when it's happening with you. ring, you stupid phone. ring. i am afraid. terribly, terribly afraid. 110504
f_a make me believe this is something I want only because I can't have 110505
f_a i found i note i tried to write to you just we broke up describing how i felt.
i used all these terrible puns relating to my profession.
i don't think i've ever felt so....
what's it to you?
who go