hmm I felt it today, when the old lady sat next to me on the bus, when the kids down the street laughed, when the little dog bit me on the ankle 000106
meli "He looked at me, and he was murder. And I looked at him, and I was mayhem."

To say that someone is murder is the best compliment.
As for actual murder, it's the only kind of death that makes sense. All other deaths are pure chance. It may not be right, but there's someone to blame.
Drennan Who to blame, the parents? the society? Television perhaps? I dont care, Why not just blame the person who did the murder in the first place. 000107
typhoid no blame.
(my ass, no blame!)
madchair Death becomes clearer through bloodshot eyes
As a death from old age becomes nearer

Why can't the livestock be free
When trading soldiers for steak

Learn to evolve with the new transition
To act upon a hypocritical vision
Discard the old and in with the new
Discard the old and in with the fashion
Learn to evolve with the new transition
To act upon a hypocritical vision
Learn to evolve, learn to, learn to evolve

Who is the bad guy for iron
Require mince these are the facts
So eat what you murder
This is animal liberation
Eight billion killed for human pleasure

Bring on the ape farm
Demolish the monkeys
Drink up, drink up
Look down on junkies

A new hypocritical look and ambition
The time has come
To make the decision you...

Drink up, drink up, look down
I'll hold it back, I'll hold it back
Discard the old, in with the fashion

Death becomes clearer through bloodshot eyes
Death becomes clearer through bloodshot eyes
JessieLee Murder is 10 times better than suicide. 010122
Seed Suicide is 100 times cleaner than murder. 010322
i've always wanted to live in a mantis world

that would make sex the real masochistic pleasure
no matter I had a dream I killed a little boy. In the park, It was nearly an accident. His mom went into a terrible rage and called me a Child Killing Whore. I woke up and cried. I won't go back to the park. 030904
misstree i'm going to insert a pen into her eyeball, then pin her down as she twitches and start shoving office supplies down her throat, laughing as she fucking chokes. 031010
(identity protected) I dreamed I murdered someone once, it was very messy.

I was in a supermarket basement, buying bombs, I don't know why, and all of a sudden, there was a woman, and I was stabbing her, blood flying everywhere, but, again, for some unknown reason, she was smiling and laughing, she wanted me to do it.

it was a very disturbing dream
Forming Mind I smiled as the tackling dog became a man. Laying ontop of me, legs stradling me as he held my hands behind my head.
Emotionless face that looked blacked and charred, he raised the silver knife he held. I looked at the grass and noticed it needed to be cut. I felt the top of it with my fingers, the soft pricks of grass.
He lunged forward, I looked down to see the knife embedded below my rib cage. I looked up to a black face and felt nothing.
I awoke. Nightmares loose their appeal when emotions are drained from the subconcious.
udayan a weak person's alternative... a stupid person's alternative to anything plaguing him... a pervert's easy way out 050628
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