and snorted, and piddled a puddle.
That's how fun it all was.
blown cherry The first time it brought happiness.
The second time it brought tears, despite the surroundings.

Tears because I knew his laughter was something I would never be a part of, couldn't be a part of.
jeek syrup is floating in water, my stomach is nausous imaging your lips brushing against my cock, I feel crushed instantaneously, chicken little didn't know the half. 020319
*Colleen* I often think back to the days when I would laugh at nothing at all. Maturity is greatly overrated. I miss the tears that would roll down my face, the joyful wale and occasional snort, which only fed into the hysteria, a wonderful feeling that can only be brought back artificially. Ahh Those were the days. 020502
Mo i remember in mary poppins when they laughed until they floated to the celing, then they had a tea party. Wish i could do that... 021118
stork daddy you's called drugs. 021118
p2 heheheh
are you sure it was sugar
that helped the medicine
go down?
Mo wow i never thought of that...that explains the talking duck on the end of her umbrella 021118
stork daddy it explain a lot of disney movies. my favorite, bedknobs and broomsticks, for instance 021118
Mo aww i liked that movie too...but i dont think every nonsinsical thing can be attributed to drugs... 021118
wallaby Why does it hurt when one does it too long?
It seems to defeat the whole purpose of the action. BLAH.
cpgurrl laughed nervously, despite his fears,

as she laughed and smiled through her tears.
Deomis They laughed once
But that was before
Now they scream
wordless i laugh at the tears i once cried 050814
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