psyki if i could swim
without using my arms
then i could play the guitar
while swimming
silentbob until i had her in my life
i thought i was completely worthless
i thought i couldn't be loved
i thought i was just the guy that girls like to hug
Oh! You're sweet! I'm gonna go over here and fuck my boyfriend now.
And some people would be jealous of me because i had so many friends that were girls.
keyword: Friends. FRIENDS! they don't think of me THAT way..

but then came you
and you showed me things i'd never seen before
and i love you more than life itself
and i will love you until the end of time
and even longer than that
birdmad the end of the world 000711
Thyartshallshant girl_friends 010110
Chrity go to:
erin eternities are going by until u think of me ,pick up the phone and call ,god damnit!

*I always do this if he doesnt call or does its a test of if he loves me...i am pathetic*
Glory Box nothing to wait up for, anymore.

nothing to put pause for.

no more until.

all of a sudden, all my time is my own.

what do i do with this excess?
listless i would be lying if i said that i dind't live before you (though i think that that's something you would like to hear from me). how do you think i got this sour? yes, there were others before you. and they all shattered me.

that's why it's so hard to crack a smile. that's why i can't help looking at you as if i already lost you. because the question is not why, but when. you've already left me, you just don't know. it will happen, sooner or later. everytime could be the last. and the worst about it, is that i know that i'll just withdraw to my cave, with the pills and the razors.

and when i manage to get all my pieces back together, someone else will be appointed by fate to rescue me, caress me, love me, break me again in a thousand pieces.

so, i opened myself. are you proud of me, now?
doral until you stop being a stupid bastard that makes me want to kill
that two times exactly
shadowfalls something better comes along, and then it won't matter because I'll have my blinders on and won't see it 030314
niska at least once a day i wonder
snd sometimes i try
but then i'd be taking you with me
and you don't really want to die
Webley They told me that...... 040212
Strideo we protect the future by guarding the past. this is the fee we gods must pay. if we don't then things won't last. in order to move on we must stay.

gripping the problems of earth in our hands, we gentle the trouble of shattered lands. the dead stay in their coffins at night, as long as we watch they won't put up a fight.

the chains that bind evil are stiff in their place. you can sleep safly in your own bed. our powers will protect the whole human race. until we grow weary, then you're all dead.
ST "safely"
refracted until you opened your eyes
i could not show you
melt your folding coils away
toil until the break of day
wander wildly with your sting
brass your keys, belittling
sing your lips and spill the glass
watch the open screens they pass
the drifting phrases that i heard
despite how it would seem absurd

they came from the floor
they came from the floor
what's it to you?
who go