moonshine Bumblebees betroth beauty 000713
whirligirl emily dickinson would love you.
yesterday had an emily dickinson subplot , btw.
stupidpunkgirl the pills i took
made me dizzy
people asked if i was stoned then laughed
i had to sit
concentrate on the floor
i don't take those anymore
No Bod - E Pills, pills, pills. I don't think I have enough! I take one to fight my depression, one to stay awake, another to sleep, another to fight the nightmares, another to fight the horrors of the day. Wait, actually I don't take pills... darn. 010208
unhinged "i need a pill"

"how bout you take the pill otherwise known as marty?"

oh yeah....uuummm....yeah

neo i took the red pill. 010219
florescent light I choked on my vitamin this morning. 010220
worm burner slappies
frappy-dappies!! YES! Well blow me down.
The engineer isn't even here! Lay in a supply! Lay in a supply! Dammit; when will you listen!?!
nocturnal I have a pill fetish that will never die. I wouldn't be surprised if my entire body shut down if I decided to never take another pill again. I just keep poppin 'em in till I feel like I wanna feel. feel like sleepin but not really tired? unisom or excedrin pm. bored but not in the mood to actually do anything? ritalin or concerta. headache, cramp, or just general achiness? aleve. I take probably an average of 3 to 4 pills everyday just for the hell of it. I wonder if this is a problem of some sort..... 010501
unhinged i sstttillll have some left...i've been debating on taking some codiene for the past few weeks now. if it's this much of an internal struggle i guess i don't really want to take one. 010612
nocturnal I have two friends who recently got their teeth pulled. I just KNOW they'll have some pain killers left over. I wonder if they'd be willing to donate.... 010613
unhinged i've made up my mind. tomorrow before work i am going to contract my throat muscles and swallow. and there is going to be a thin pill on my tongue. 010614
to the A team (CSM 3s plus 1 boy) vas ist das?
trust the doc,
money exchange 4 you,
my bro needs a friend to travel wiv,
would that be the A team?
3 men and one hard working lazy bro 4 you find a jeap.
water pistels needed.
a map too.
replacement god feelin' good from the pills we took
oh baby, don't give me that look
otherjerry they need a pill that makes shitty music sound good. something you can take at work if you work somewhere that has muzak 020923
crain bandy i've invented a pill
that gives worms
to ex-girlfriends

i've invented a PILL
that gives WORMS

...you just don't get it!
unhinged i've always said i would never take them, but i've come to the conclusion that maybe i need to to have a productive life while i am here so that i can move on. what is wrong with me? i wonder sometimes. 020923
viciousmissfit the only pill I really want is Valum. I was given when I got my wisdom teeth out and that shit is sooooo much fun. 020924
crimson Met her on a crazy summer day,
My female soul mate.
We were [accidentally] disconnected
One night. But I didn't know it then.
I thought she had abandoned me.

Judging by the way I was talking,
He knew NO I was not ok,
Nonetheless he inquired.
And after a long pause I said,
"No" and left him there.

I cried for a while.
The answer came in a small Indian box
Filled with a rainbow selection
Of pills
Saved for a rainy day.

I swallowed them greedily,
Handful after another.
TalviFatin my dentist is very generous with perscriptions. I told him I was in love with him as he used a hammer to pound in my new porcelain tooth. I was flying like a flock of sparrows. 031216
elisabeth42 Oh yeah, pills. Who doesn't love pills? And lyrics...

"One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small,
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all.
Go ask Alice
When she's ten feet tall."

Or how about this one?:

"I take a couple uppers
I down a couple downers
But nothing compares
To these blue and yellow purple pills...
...Pop pills
Pills I pop
Pop two pills
On stilts I walk
Snorted two lines that were filled with chalk
Thought it was Incredible I killed the Hulk
I wanna roll away
Like a rollerblade
Until my eyes roll back in my skull for days
And when I'm old and gray
Look for coke to smoke
I overdose
When I pack up my nose with coke
*cough cough cough*"

I love music.
Patty i loved soma
i had a friend who would lick the inside of the empty bottle
just for a fix
witchesrequiem Welcome to the modern world!
What do you think is wrong?
What do they say is wrong?

Depressed! Well try a wellbutrin or a zoloft or may be some lexapro!

Panic..Anxiety, is it? Have a zanax or kolonopin.

Too fucking hiper? Eat lots of riddelin.

need to up the dose?
One crumb of some pill and all will be normal all will be fine.

Your whole life revolving around a hundred doller crumb of a pill.

Leave the pill! NOOOOOOO! Your more loaded sober, than drugged up!

Ahhhhhhhhh, survival? Huh.
voodoowitchwoman chalky tic-tac,
freshens my mind with
polluted...minty fresh
unspeakable bad feelings i know. i want to stay drugged up to sedate myself from the pain of living day to day and realizing it's all for...shit basically.
i get up and do it all again anyhow even though i don't want to.
take another pill to get me through the motions of the day. at least i find living tolerable.
... and everyone likes me better because i don't complain as much. 040805
Ryan klonopin klonopins hop on in. 051108
jordie popping popping popping
never stopping stopping stopping

fuschia pills pills pills
yellow hills hills hills

rollin fatties
smokin blunts
snortin coke
drinkin beers
takin shots
puffin cigs
stickin needles
eatin shrooms
lickin tabs
suckin hookahs
eatin hash
breathin gas

popping popping popping
never stopping stopping stopping

fuschia pills pills pills
yellow hills hills hills
hsg .....

and you will have fun

will help you maintain
e they will take exty pills if they are sad, which is really a supid thing because it makes you more sad...

when is it time to be happy ?
Ouroboros one every day.
I tell myself
"i'm just taking my vitamins"
which is a lie. i'm supporting big pharmaceutical business in disgust.
but I have chosen to suppress all my symptoms with a pill.
unhinged the magical motion
of contracting the throat muscles

what's it to you?
who go