caldwell 1+1 000305
WoNDERGIRL two become one
so suddenly
when under the influence
of false pretenses
and hormonal equivalents
moonshine too plain to be percieved, the perfect poison 000522
snuggles two is a crowd
two is usually one too many
one = lonliness
so that's the discrepancy that i have
with myself.
i either have to deal with people or
i have to be lonely
loneliness can be a friend
but if loneliness is a friend then that
is two
and that's one too many
Wayne there are only two kinds of people in the world: those who think there are two types of people and those who don't. 001111
allaboutme There are only two people I have ever hated. 001223
nocturnal two more days of classes. just two more days. one and then just one more. wish me luck kids. 010502
nocturnal thanks 010503
katie a horse and his rider is two. cup and a saucer is two. i and my boy is two.

but we are all just one
owko ......the two of us can see,
the house where we first met........
Miner She never calls me when she says. 010511
clay walker diffantly: a bit of differance lingers but it
generally lies in that direction (refering to
an idea or action). dirrived from two other
words; differnt and definately.
Annie111 I could see two standing there.
The headlights splashed their silouhettes against the ground.
In the fragment of midnight
As I glanced out of the window to gather up my under-thoughts.

Crazy driving
Like the car was drunk
And I thought that I wouldn't mind if I died right there because in the brilliance of the moment, it had all been lived already, including the two torrid love affairs with the
Shadows of the mind.

I looked again, and they were standing in an overlap
Shadows are hard to separate.
ClairE Why does two always have to relate to one in the end? 011203
click two is a better number than one, and so much better than three.

i'd rather be with my one other to make two than with two others and make three, because the third is so distracting and i love him so much more.
jessicafletcher think about the girl you love and hold her tight so happy together 030404
Miles! The loneliest number since the number one. 030513
Cathexis Two is the perfect number until two join to become one. 030801
me Rebecca and me makes two 030903
a My favorite number. Two is fucking funny as hell. Even when you're not stoned. 031130
j two my time so long ago, can i twice what was once was one?
to go back again - does it tamper
with the (not now) new flesh of first?
i dont want to
tamper with no flesh
but hearing your voice, you in time one
me back here
i want to repeat
maybe i'll see what you see & not
what i saw
(beautiful as that may have been)
cyanide faerie i break in two over you, and each piece of me dies...and only you can give the breath of life...but you don't see me, you don't...

i break in two over you, i would break in two...for you...

(autumn's monologue- from autumn to ashes)
illusionary_reality two people good, three people bad?
animal farm redifined.
iRageFace not two. but three. three skittles 060814
QuietChaos Two is better than one.
One is better than two.
The sad reality of it,
Is that both statements are true.
Asylum Bound Two more weeks. and i will probably never see you again. what to do. lets make the most of it. lets make it interesting. lets never forget these two weeks. lets make history. 070716
; 1 + 1 = 1

(don't let anyone tell you any different, shhh it's a secret)
what's it to you?
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