h8r when i was a little kid. i would tell this joke. it went somewhat like this.

"What kind of M&M's does Tatu (sp.) like?" - "THE PLAIN! THE PLAIN!"

my parents and all of the adults would laugh their asses off. but that's because fantasy island was good. real good. a heck of a lot better than that damned isle of mtv.

bastard s
jared_d ...primary residence of the rain in Spain. 990923
David The curse of toast and begals.
The best kind jacket cover.
The home where maniacs live.
The only clean shirt.
The last doughnut.
The most revolting chair in you home.
The only kitten left in the basket.
The girls in Jr.High who weren't sluts.
The worst insult.
unhinged i don't like anything plain...bagels, boys, cats, granola bars....the list could go on for years... the only thing i like plain are my melodies...the plainer the melody the more of me that i can stick in it 001215
bum bum olivia i think i'm too plain sometimes. i flip through all the catalogues i get in the mail and see girls in bright colorful leggings with layers and ruffles and ponchos and big hair and eye makeup that reaches to their foreheads and wonder if i should start dressing like that. but can i be that?

nah. i'm just a pretty plain girl.
start_here cross the plain
you are no more
and untrue
cross the plain
you are you
and i am me
kookaburra plain...
what are the ordinary people hiding?
they're interesting, in their own way

at least to me
Strideo everyone is weird once you get to know them.
what's it to you?
who go