The brother of inspiration.
valis the answer to the question "how cool is THAT" gets weaker every time its asked. 991207
marjorie the stars will always evoke wonder. 991228
andrea i'm lost
plain & simple
thought i had
it al figured
& now i've
been thrown
for a loop
Lord, help me
i think

copyright 1999
damon not that wonder is something that only I have, but it is so exciting that you I think that you I might be the only ones. 000117
deb can it be?

wouldn't that be nice?
neville It's a wonder to him how
the days
melt away like cotton candy
on the tongue like how her tongue
melts away on his like an invisible monument.
bliss I don't know why, but I will always know how. I don't care who, but I will always know where. And I will always wonder if you'll hear me. 000511
yupitsme I wonder if that's really me there, in the mirror...looking back at me.... 000622
zavyman How can this be
Where such miracles
Fade into darkness
Disappear into light
Just seem to walk away
Jon Wondering if it will ever become a reality - My dreams. The realization that they can't or won't ever be.
Alone, Pain, Emotional death. Being without you. I love you
startfires i wonder what it would be like to know everything? if you knew everything would you still be allowed to live on the planet with all ther other people? 001005
sabbie being someone who is infinitly curious about the world around me, i wonder about everything i come across
and dream about everything else.
Wayne bread 001111
Quiggz I wonder what posessed people to create something this cool, yet simultaneously disturbing... 010101
*spoons* my mind spinning out of control falling toward eath, my sould shattering as it slams against the pavement.
Andy a wall struggling alone bends at the touch, refusing to give yet screaming for help at each passer by.
Ashley i knwo but yet i dont a hand in her mouth but yet so much more. I hear her song the first words are "I love myself..."
I worry for sarah all alone in a hell far worse than mine. Shaking so hard my teeth hurt and my neck burns.(suddenly reaalizing how much KFMC fucking sucks because its anything but a fucking beautiful day.) today i cried for the first time in years. crying razor blades as my body explodes in hives. I tried to eat but i cant the hurt for ashley is so much i almost have my hand in my own mouth. The rumors began and multiplied faster than bunnies. a never ending thanks to two dumb asses. today when i drove past sarah's house the googoo dolls came on and brought everything back out again crying while dodging oncoming cars.
Ween wonder why i make people cry?
wonder why the shit smell
never dies?
wonder this my friend
and wonder it to your very end
there is no answer
there is no reply
the only thing certain
is that you'll fucking die.
unhinged i remember the wonder of those shows...like they were the eight wonder of the world. my boys i put on a pedestal...they were magical, other-worldly. i still love them but the wonder is gone. when you smoke it up and get drunk with people that kind of takes the mystery out of things. sam is all about the drugs and sex. mark is one strange cat. frank really crys himself to sleep every night but wants everyone to think he's a bad ass. mike is a perfectionist with a rockstar makeover. those are the brothers ivet. no more wonder...but it's still my therapy. 010203
Dafremen I wonder why we don't opt for funny_phone_calls these days? We only call to ask for money or to "give them the bad news" or to complain. Call me up and tell me a joke for gawd sake! 010219
Dafremen I also wonder why all of these dingleberries insist on putting "Copyright XXXX" at the end of everythign they write. No offense (oops too late...I called you a dingleberry didn't I?) but do you REALLY think that what you just wrote is so juicy and tempting that I'm going to want to QUOTE IT? Or is it perhaps that somehow seeing Copyright under something you've written makes you feel important? Maybe imagining that someone is going to steal your original material? Hey, reality check, no one's gunna steal my stuff, and they sure as hell aren't going to steal yours.


P.S. Hey SOMEONE'S got to rant!
kirstin oh i wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder who, who wrote the book of love... 010305
florescent light lol, you're right.

I always read the poetry or prose and then I see this copyright thing on the bottom, and I think to myself, "it wasn't even that good"
But I never say anything cause I can't write much better.
tit sometimes i wonder what would happen if you saw the things that i wrote on here. would you see me then? and sometimes i wonder what would happen if you knew that the things that i wrote on here were about you. would you hear me then? and sometimes i wonder what would happeh if you you saw me and heard me. would you love me then? 010323
lost if people saw the things i wrote on here they would see me in a different way. On the outise i act all weird but thats not the real me. I peirce myself and stuff so people are scared to get close but if they new the real me things might change. 010323
abms always wonder, always question 010330
Dafremen The funny thing is lost, I always go out of my way to say "Hi!" or "Sup?!" to people that try to make themselves up like that. I see right through the mask of the bikers and the punks and the skaters and the freaks. You're all sort of like a cat when it's frightened. You puff yourselves up and try to look as menacing as possible so that whatever scares you will just go away and leave you alone.

Just remember, there will always be people in the world like me, who see through the puffed up fur, to the scrawny little vunerable thing underneath, and we won't go away, OR leave you alone. We'll get to the YOU behind the piercings, one way, or another. Like it or not. Count on it.

imitator so many of us
have lost
that sense of
we look around
and remain
untouched by the
around us,
in nature, and
in people.
That's sad.
*Colleen* why put yourself through that kind of stress? 010427
Dafremen Why buy a metal detector?! I mean 90% of the stuff yer gunna find is gunna be junk anyway, so why even bother?

Because Colleen, every once in awhile, you come across what you were REALLY looking for in the first place.

It's usually dirty, disheveled and doesn't look like it's worth the time to pick it up, of course that's how most treasures appear Colleen.

Just call me a treasure hunter.
*Colleen* Spending all of your time pondering questions with no answer will get you no where. Not everything falls under the Socratic method. There are many things in this world that are entirely opinionated. There are many concepts left for YOU to decide. Why ask questions? So that someone else could provide you with their answers? Why not just come up with them yourself? 010709
*Colleen* Why hunt for treasure when the treasure could be wherever you want it to be? 010709
Dafremen Even wherever requires that you desire to find it before it can be found. If you don't open your eyes then it doesn't matter where the treasures lie...you won't see them. 010710
florescent light the wonder of treasures is everywhere- they are everything, wonder, full of

but only you can coax the magic out of hiding
from behind darkened peep holed doors into meadowed fields of grass and sun.
ho[pp]er oops 010731
holly i am a super hero
sure, i wear the tight, skimpy clothes
but i have feelings too.
i am an amazon
not the queen
but i am more than human.

i cannot fly
but i have super speed and strength
and i can leap pretty far.
i can save you from harm,
but you can save me from loneliness.

i am a woman
futility I see it sometimes, in flashes of light that silhouette the things around me, shapes and symbols I thought were important, until there is only light and darkness and me in the middle shielding my eyes and asking why I came.

I wonder sometimes if I will hate the things I have written in a day or a month or a year. Then I realize that it doesn't matter, that now is all there is.
jajen being more one of the popular words, there is still a sense of irony when I speak of her. She has the same address such as we were dating, so why does she still refuse to accept my demands? I used to purchase soft parades for her when she was younger but then I wonder, does she even remember? 011111
the one i wonder why i knew. Why i said "i just want him to leave and think about me and come back because he misses me" and he came back I wonder why i said "i hope to god that he comes back and im not here and he realizes all that he lost"
and im gone. and hes there. and he is calling. but im not home. i miss him, but only the him that didnt leave.
sotto voce often i wonder what urges emerge in even the most stoic geniuses as they step into long empty corridors or armed with bright colored pens sheathed in left breast pocket protectors face newly painted white walls devoid of human imprint. sometimes it satisfies me just to imagine like many of the things about which i am only doomed to wonder. 020225
lycanthrope the sky's hues change across an expansion, a gripping of boundries unseen,
and overlooked,
turns to boundries just right,
and then boundries beyond this scope,
and in between them is motion,
losing and gaining over and over again,
a pulse continues in motion.
Continues if it concedes to wonder
what's next?
blown cherry I wonder what he'll do when he realises I'm moving on.
(or is that giving up? same diff)
Of course I'm still in love with him, but I'm getting on with my life and am beginning to stop being weirded out by it all.
He posted a song today.
Was it to me I wonder?
If it was, I felt like saying it was out of date.
I last updated that thread 2 or 3 weeks ago.
I've said before that things surrounding him change by the minute, and it was no exaggeration.
Naturally if he turned around and 'decided' to fall in love back, I would hardly run for the hills,

but I'm on the brink of accepting such things as impossibilities,

despite encouraging and 'helpful' friends who say that he must have led me here with some intent.

I wonder how many years it will take before this one is 'just a guy' too.
blown cherry Today I wondered why I wondered my last blathe.
I figured it was probably because even though I know I annoy the shit out of him, there is probably a small part of him someplace that enjoys being worshipped.
I mean hell, doesn't everyone once in a while?
It's good for the old self esteem.
Photophobe I don't think anyone could enjoy being worshipped. I mean, a crush is kind of a compliment, but being obsessed over just shows that the person is mentally unbalanced - and so their judgement is obviously flawed. 020322
blown cherry yeah, as if anyone in their right mind could love you!
(sorry continous ache)
blown cherry I wonder why you keep stalking the blathes of a mentally unbalanced person,
and I wonder if you will remember to bring my cd to work tomorrow.
Syrope i wonder when im gonna figure myself out. every day people peer at me and they grunt contemplatively and think they can figure me out. how can they figure me out when *I* haven't figured me out? i wonder when im gonna finally realize what i want, what i need...i dont have much longer here; should i just fast until i leave or should i try to have fun while im here...it will just make me miss it when im gone... 020322
brandi when will my ship come in? 020620
jenna I wonder how this all can creep up again.
The mere mention of your name by one
Who thinks she knows the whole story
Who can have even a hint of compassion
In her voice for you makes my stomach
Turn. Makes my head turn. Makes my mind
Wander. Wonder.
mona loves you I always wonder if the things you write,
The things I read,
If they are for me
Or, again, for her.

I wonder if you care about what happened.
Do I mean anything anymore?

We used to need each other to talk to
Now, we don’t even talk at all.

So those things you write
TheI’m sorry
TheI’m waiting for you
Who is that for?

I wish you had the ability to just tell me, or tell her

or tell ME?

Do you care anymore?
minnesota_chris oooh baby, here I am. Signed, sealed, delivered, I'M YOURS! 030228
Bizzar This is all I can do while I sit and wait for him to call me. And I wonder if he actualy will. 030322
zanzi wonder is my favourite word, next to wander. never stop searching 030423
Rauken Will you forgive me? 030504
pipedream wonder makes my world go round....every second thing is magic, from people to butterflies and flowers and even telephones and zeenat's funny toothpick trick that i'm convinced is magic, i refuse to be told that it's just you boinging the toothpick hahahahaha 030505
mona loves you I have been trying. For the past three months I have been trying.

But you still didnt answer my question.
learning lifes greatest lessons I wonder why I can't just get over it, and you. 030507
your plague. wondering is all that you left me with. 030602
i look at you and...

i look at you with...
jane ing about what will happen next

there is the slightest chance i won't be able to go
and that scares me

sometimes the silence is overwhelming
mona loves you I realized today that I can forgive you all I want, in fact I do forgive you, but it still won't stop the hurt I feel evey time I think of you.

I don't say this just to make you feel bad because that is not the point of this. I am writing this so you know because if we switched places I would want to know.

You are a good guy Philby, I am just sorry that things ended up happpening this way.
scifininja wondering is what got us here today. or so i've been led to assume. 030720
Lady Whight I wonder what is beyond the stars,
and what is beyond this fence.
So I might catch a glimpse of Greatness
and keep from staying small.
ferret why do we take stupid online tests that tell us what we already know? i took a personality test to see what it would tell me. And it told me my personality. wow, what a surprise! now, the only reason you would need to take a personality test is if you didn't know what your personality was. which would be kinda strange. 030921
Strideo ooh! I forgot my personality. let me go check!
power trip the sister of the sublime 031029
User24 What do you monder about? 031113
u24 monder?????????

what the fuck?

how the hell did my hand get from w to m?

oh well..
sylverquiklight i wonder how well people know me and i think that maybe they can tell who this is blathering all the time from his obvious personality peaking past the words he throws up with fingertip flashes hello mom im on the internet can you see me aren't you proud tell everyone...

copyright now, by me
oldephebe "..peaking past the words he throws up with finger tip flashes.." ah the cadenses and the meanings held within that phrase... :) 040124

oh... oops...

oh... oops...
bobbi is the cause of all searching 040330
elisabeth42 Wonderful. Wonder makes our existence more interesting. Hmm, I wonder what living would be like if I couldn't wonder.... 040523
reverie you were all the wonderful things in the world in one person. but now you are gone and so is the wonder.
in memorium tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo-chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo
Senor Muerte I look at your eyes and see the wonder of lives past, flying away from your breath like dark butterflies...rest in the silence that sleeps beyond the heartbeat... 040918
Eldemar1011 Hoooha doooha uhhhh whats in the wonderballlllllllllll!!!!!!!! 041001
god i wonder if she will bring me a pepsi 041002
ninecat Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you were born a different species? 041219
violet strangt like a child. 060726
unhinged a scientific objective seeking; when i wonder about things i am looking for them. the more i think of it, the stranger it seems. to wonder, i just want a definitive answer. yes or no, when, exactly when.

i wonder if we were just supposed to be that little stolen dream. (yes or no?)

i wonder if you think about me, the way i think about you. (when, exactly when?)

i wonder if we will have more stolen little dreams together. (yes or no?)

i wonder if we could have a whole string of stolen little dreams together. (yes or no?) and (when, exactly when?)

these things i wonder about, i need to know. i need to know these answers so i can plan for the future. but

but i should be content to sit in the happy present memories of you make for me. when, exactly when, i find myself sad, i think of you and then i smile. that should be enough. why is love never enough?

our love, it's a hard one though. i used to wonder what i would do if i ever happened to find myself in a situation of long_distance_love ; it's painful not to have your arms around me. but i can't stop thinking about you, those thoughts making me smile almost too wide and even sometimes inducing the_frank_face or ( frank_face ).

you change the way i write. you change the way i live. you change the way i see myself.

i wonder about you, if my wandering days are through. i wonder if it would be okay if i came to see you sometime. if i made some ghosts for you. because i have plenty of them now; memories of us, of things i never paid attention to.

yes, i spend a lot of time wondering now. mostly about you.
just mona where I will end up.

how does this story end.
Mr. ~ Always remember to ~. 070725
Mercury A little bit like magic a little bit like finding something lost. 080707
snook What we're made of. 080708
when darkness falls every night it's someone else coming into my dream and taking my insomniac mind off irrational thoughts. today i dreamt of one, tomorrow might be another. who do i love? i wonder. it's obvious who loves me and who simply no longer cares. but again, is should be getting some more sleep. 080710
*i *i 080710
unhinged no reason left to wonder; i know my life is better with you than it is without you. 080710
steampunkrock how do i always slip into this uncomfortable state of perpetual contradiction? that place between genuine affection and affected disappointment. constant opposition, sliding duality. 080710
In_Bloom Wander
Where'd it go?
ungreat sometimes i wonder what i look like in your eyes watching your reflection in my iris's. i wonder what it's like to see me and think i'm beautiful and perfect. I wonder what its like to love hugging my, to sleep with me, to moan with me...

i wonder what it's like to see me exactly as i am not as i should be or want to be or try to be but as i am simple me and love me. I wonder if you have the exact same thoughts. but then i realize you don't because i put you down and some how you still love me, and thats really what i wonder about.
hsg or maybe love isn't threatened by what some might see as flaws.

or maybe flaws can be flawless
if you create"i'v"enough.

sometimes loving is letting yourself be loved.

loving_wonders_of_the_world ...
baffled how can one not? those who do not do this baffle me. 090614
no reason sometimes when i don't hear from people i wonder if they're okay
i guess that's normal
i guess you can't always know
olive I think I wonder about what most people wonder about. What am I going to believe in a year, two years, five?
Everything in life is worth wondering about really because everything is in this constant flux of metamorphosis, somersaulting over what used to fit into reality and what doesn't fit anymore. turning over and over and over and over.
and suddenly you stand up fast and the whole process of taking some beliefs and tossing some side just made you very very dizzy. and its hard to say what just happened.
all you know is that theres nothing to wonder about anymore.
what's it to you?
who go