andru235 you have no choice in the matter:
if you attempt to refuse
you are imagining nothing
skyburst777 future cities in my bed
long ago me
f this site does make your imagination do funny things, i can't work out why, if it's the colour of the screen..friends playing tricks on you or what, it's a strange and addictive website which i can not leave untouched when i go on-line.. i look at some of the stuff i have written under many many diffenent names, i can't track them all, some of the stuff is wierd, some of it's really heart felt... i dunno how i'm gunna break this addiction... i really really really effing need to... you know it's ok to write into different worlds and produce obsure bits of writting but it not ok if you can't stop doing it....SHIT and here i am writting this knowing i should be doing something else but for some reason.. it's quite fun this site, don't ask me why.

i wonder if i am mad, i mean i always was... i'm just wondering if i am more mad these days.. and i'm really starting to worry about myself, afterall blather is blather... nothing more... like a dream is a dream - like that.
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