Tess all the many frustrations. but read between the lines. no words, just vibrations.

but i don't know about this, and all i do know is that the new one does come with lyrics.
Tess see: songs 000205
Sol Dont mask yourself, the screen if a device by which we succumb to defeat we sit for hours loosing ourselvs in this glowing box of light before us, dont leave it!! you superego screams at each attempt, and so you stay, and cease to think, and cease to do and thereby cease to be, abolish the superego and you abolish the screens, the masks and the infringments on your mind, the subconcious must be let free roam with out the " guiding Hand " of the ego, it cannot survive under a whip- only when you have realised the way to loose the mind can you understand it, but to do so, you must use the mind, and, just as the eye cannot see the eye, the mind cannot comprehend the mind, so you sit, and stare, and forget what i just wrote 010228
vampers i hide behind many 010325
ass facely suppose cathy righteously entertained ethel nightly? 020112
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