sphinxradio don't let me start to lean on you too much.
i'm starting to trust you,
but i could be fooling myself.
trouble is, i never know that you've left
until i feel myself hit the ground.
[remy] 'dump is such a mean word,' he said, shuffling his feet, somewhat shy. 'it's not like you're some trash. but. i.. don't want our relationship anymore. so it's more like i'm just dropping you. see? it sounds better than 'dumped.''

i had the oddest urge.. not to agree.
imarealneatcow i dropped it. 040531
lou_la_belle don't let me drop
hit the ground
and shatter
too late
i trusted you
to keep me safe
and happy
too late
maybe in some other place
another you will grab my hand
and another me
will trust you once again.
tr drops of jupiter
inside my hair...
ungreat The Drop
Dropped out from school because I couldnt cut it,
Dropped right back onto you,
Spit dropping from my open mouth into yours.
Dropped the pill right past my lips and swallowed quick.
Tear drops sliding down my cheek silvery in the tv light.
Dropped little dreams inside my head about little ugly babies that were mine.
Dropped right back onto you again and again, because I never learn...
Dropping my interests,
Dropping out of my life.
what's it to you?
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