Phoenix Tyrannical rain
Pulled in by breath
Spit out as illness
The following morning
emmi my little sister has dimples
my older sister has freckles
i have the blush

we are the cheek sisters, yes
misstree ah! that's where my tongue is. been looking all over for that thing. thought i might have left it in someone's throat or something. 040219
richie richie cheek is from the place that my check went which i dont see sing or handle but it all in cheek tonight cause its gonna come up and over her cheek 041225
anythingbutcryptic replace with steak

i leant my steak against the window. the pane was cold. i moved away and rested my steak on my hand. what a familiar steak it was. everywhere, it comes with me. it never goes. it stays until the die i day. i felt so glad i had a steak. i felt so fucking glad that i didnt just have a hole, or air where my steak should be.
In_Bloom Saying goodbye to one, I once caught an eyelash on my fingertip
And I kept it
what's it to you?
who go