There is nothing more enchanting than a person who blushes just for you.

There is nothing more gorgeous than melting in the pink tenderness on the cheek of an adored one.

There is nothing more humbling than observing the contageousness of a blush of a respected one.

There is nothing more beautiful than the first blush of a blossomning love.
birdmad she never knew that i was blushing beneath this skin of mine, the earthen bronze of my heredity...except for the almost feverish heat of my touch.

although seeing her blush on occasion was worth all the stars in heaven.

if she could have seen it in me, would it have changed anything?
silentbob I heard somewhere that there are some psychotic racist religious groups that follow hardcore this thing in the bible that says something about how the white man is the one race that gets color in his face, and other races don't, they don't blush, so the white man is the truly holy race or something because he can blush.
Lot of fucking bullshit if you ask me. religious GROUPS in general tend to kinda...piss me off. it should be a personal thing, if it's a thing at all, and it shouldn't be pushed on other people in an attempt to change them. people should just accept other people
klarchen Blushing is most certainly an appropriate form of communication.

I see you.

Blushing is most certainly appropriate when its sweet tenderness appears before congenially admired ones.

I like you.

Blushing is most certainly appropriate when its radiant glow appears before exaltingly respected ones.

I am in awe of you.

Blushing is most certainly appropriate when its unbridled rawness appears before secretly adored ones.

I love you.

Tell me, oh please tell me then, did you happen to notice that I blushed for you?
kaskarkaminski SOLID

1) offering some resistance to pressure;
not easily changed in shape.
2)filled with matter beneath the surface; not hollow
4)substantial; firm; strong; al.
5)serious; not superficial or trivial.. 6)complete; throughgoing; as, a solid
line of fortifications, a solid word
8)characterized by no pauses or interruptions..
10)characterised by or showing complete unity..
13)firm or dependable in views, sympathy
partisanship etc.
14)having a firmly favorable or good
15)very good; excellent
emmi i blush a lot. shyness, shame, wind, cold, heat, wine, anger, excitement...

i've always thought it's embarrassing. but he loved it. used to go to great lengths just to make me blush.

now blushing is a happy thing for me.
shilohlives this natural reaction plagues me. I don't mind anynore though. I blush for you. 040512
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