typhoid is your penis closer to your anus or to god? 000718
the grendel of babylon os there a difference? 000718
typhoid congratulations, here's your crome plated toothbrush 000718
grendel with scotch-brite bristles for aluminum fangs 000718
unhinged my oldest sister and my younger brother were both born on august 13th ll years apart 001218
fiend Lucky 13 001221
13 above the night 001222
Thyartshallshant A very special number to me.
It brings back memories.
Of summers past and love found.
... and Tom Green?
lost is my favorite number. 010406
sage girl why is 13 said to be lucky? 010925
Original Nuttah months in a year 011014
Annie111 We have no floor 13 in our building, it goes from 12 to 14 on the elevator lights.

Which just means 14 is 13! There is no void in between 12 and 14 where 13 "exists". 14 just becomes 13!!! Does the absence of the 1 and the 3 negate the bad luck?

Our traditions are so pointless sometimes. It's like some 19th century wormhole or something.
User24 superstitions only exist because we (as a race) continue to believe in them, just like racism, sexism, etc; any type of perceptual inequality can be overcome if people just stopped making an issue of it. 031027
Annie111 So do you think if people stopped talking about racism it would go away? Perhaps I misunderstand you. 031028
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl is my lucky number
my school exam number was 131
my best mate's number was 313

i was born on the 13th
on the 13th year of my parent's marriage
the number 13
is pale, frosty blue
don't ask me why
it just is
my lucky year was when i was 13 years old
i love this number
love love love it


it has never been unlucky for me
130 2006 060130
le_buda_nagot welcome to the neon church. 060321
me thirteen was unlucky for me... the worst birthday I ever had... 060322
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