Tom I enjoy pointing it out to people that my name has three letters with an "o" in the middle... just like God. 001015
Jennie Rose. Sweet, sweet Tom.
Delicious like peaches.
*Ziima* I love him.
I will defend him.
I will kill for him.
I will die for him.
I will fight for him.
He is mine.
Not yours, mine.
You will not have him.
He wants me, not you.
I am perfect, not you.
I am the chosen one.
Get over it, bitch.
He loves my fresh peaches.
Not your canned.
iamnoone it isn't really tom.
it's tommy.
he's wonderful.
he gets me pot.
he gets me high.
he's wonderful.
hes punk rock perfection.
he makes me laugh.
he doesn't believe in himself.
he can do anything.
hes too good for me.
j_blue sounds like someone i use to know 010611
sEth He likes to brag about his crappy Chevy truck being better than anything thats Ford. He tor chunks of tire off onto a curb in the Taco Bell parking lot, picked up while it was still on fire, and yelled "See this, this is fucking rubber. CHEVY!!!!!" 011110
Aaron "and heres tome with the weather"

"tool - third eye"
Aaron damnit.. tahts saposed to say tom not tome.. fucking type o grrrr 011111
sad girl an interesting turn of events.
imagine. we spent most of the night drinking and willingly beating the shit out of eachother and ended the night snuggling in a bed until we fell asleep.
hes a cool guy. he didnt try to kiss me or anything like that. we just snuggled and held hands.
interesting turn of events indeed, considering i started having a crush on his very good friend.
tom malone he is sexy , annoying , sarcastic and funny

thats tom
major tom i've_never_done_good_things 021002
alora I never did anything out of the blue. 021003
Bizzar a truly amazing human being. They say that if you want something bad enough you will eventually get it. And in my case that stands very true. I wanted him since I was a freshman in high school (4 years ago) and now he is mine. We are going on 7 months, and every day is better than the last. He waited 3 years, with no one, for someone to change his mind about relationships, and he chose me. I am truly priviledged to be the one he falls asleep next to every night.

I am in love. Ive said this before, thinking it was true but never being sure. Maybe to convince myself it was for a sense of security, but this time I swear Ive never been more sure in my life. He is the one, if I lose him, I'll lose me.
niska darling, i...

can't get enough of your love,
woman here we are two years later....

i didnt want this at first. im still not sure how i feel about it but it doesnt matter now. it is happening ready or not.
Aaron tom.. tom is a guy.. he wants to cum on my girfriends tits... you know what i said... i told him no... she told him know.. and together... my girl and i... decided to tell tom to fuck off... nice as we could 041007
mourninglight no longer 041007
not god tom was a cartoon cat. he chased jerry. he was tenacious past the point of stupidity. he never ate jerry. they made newer cartoons where they were friends and shit, but those sucked. 041007
who am i? touch me.

touch me like you did last night. so so so softly, with strong hands. so gentle. palm, nape. shoe me again where the pressure point is. show me again and touch me again. lift me up into dizzy warmth, my head on ur lap, and ur touch. i forget myself.

in your arms i am weightless. i will not scream, i am not scred. i am weightless and easy and beautiful. i am fun and i am the only thing you are carrying. it wasn't easy to leave you.

i remember now, so vividly, so soon, so so soon how you kissed me. something so new and so true and such a kiss....

how did i ever leave you then? why didn't i climb into your arms and let you tell me "M, you're beautiful, M, you're wonderful.!? why did i just let you fall and crawl and crawl. i think i must have trodden on your hands. i have trodden on your hair.

Now it is so strange to me, so beautiful and so wonderful and so not mine - not of me. you are not of me. but now all of a sudden, now, i am of you. my thoughts and my wants and my needs - my very dreams - they are of you.

and i miss you.
i miss YOU.
i miss you tom.
m ironic that the last person is "m". le sigh.

tom doesn't know me as m. but still.

he is tall, he might have blue eyes, he has a v good sense of humor when he wants to, he lies or at least i think he does but they're more like stories than lies.

i'm never really sure, but it would seem he is taken. in a sense.

too bad, but i guess i don't really want him that way right now.

hope he'll still talk to me, though. and not just chit chat sort of stuff. i want to get to know him outside of the classroom [or school, i don't even have a class with him], and outside of aim, and outside of his cell phone. i rarely see him in these places as is, but sometimes i think that talking to someone so new and attractive irl would be a welcome thrill.
monica husband (god this is scarey) 070107
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