stephi says so much to so many 000215
deb do you quite understand how stupid i feel
for not having noticed before?
how cruel i made myself without realizing
what i might be doing to you-
i'm scared to tears i may have
somehow made this hope
die before its birth,
and i'll be left out on this fragile limb
i bake potatoes by the phone,
begging your hands to call me back
so i can say i'm sorry-
-i didn't understand-

i never knew my heart would
beg for you
Becky I have a bumper sticker that says stupidity_should_be_painful. I believe in that. 010902
zyzdema man=~ 010914
distorted tendencies Comes in abundance. 010919
god the loftiest height one can reach. i look down from my perch anchored here. 011212
cocky upper classman This blue cup runneth over. 011213
devalis asking the same question and expecting a different answer each time. 020807
devalis the universal tongue. 020807
cybersuperleni is a divine state which should be appreciated more. rather than nurtured and exploited by commercial media and marketers. 040112
Alfred The self negating narcosis of all this crap spewed from the dream fountain of your (and I mean ALL of your) rectums.

Feel better!!!! And do it soon!!! Just get on with it!!!! That's what real life is.
randomly recent Becky, how do you define stupidity?

stork daddy you'll make a good lawyer.

nah i don't think so, and i'll now make a case as to why.
Harlan Ellison : "The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and stupidity." 060917
devilbunny Mass mandatory involuntary sterilizations of everyone with an IQ below 130 would solve this problem, along with many others. 061110
() ( stupidity is trust in standardized systems of measuring intelligence. ) 061111
devilbunny The stupider something seems, the more important it probably is. 061111
phil Lollipop tank can hall but green. 071113
:p stupidity is already invented so why try hard at it? no, that is not a pipe it is a painting of a pipe YOU IDIOT. 071113
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