pinkish blame them for everything. 010421
Casey ok...

I sent this to them a few days ago...

how does this sound:

As I sit here in my chair I can't help but watch as my father watches 60 Minutes II about Columbine. Do you media people get it? The more you blow this out of proportion the more kids get the idea of killing their classmates.

I am a junior at Algona High School and my class has held this discussion many times. The top two resons why there are school shootings:

1.Kids putting other kids down
2. THE MEDIA!!!!

After every dateline, every 60 minutes, every 20/20, does a huge commentary on this, another school shooting happens. The media refreshes the idea of bloodshed in the minds of my peers.

Let it go, it happened and it's over. Let the people get on with their lives. The media is the real catalyist behind every shooting.

If a junior in Iowa can figure this out, why can't you guys. Just let it go.
pinkish i blame the parents. 010421
florescent light combo's.
Ever heard of the food Combo's, where they take a cracker and combine it with cheese or pizza flavoring?

It's a lot like that.
grendel the sugar on our diabetic dialect

process profess process

more than you want to know
less than you need
faster than you need to know it


sprinkle it on your news today!

( new_and_improved )
really for sure craptacular 040610
silentbob Imagine taking out the media altogether from september eleventh.
It would just be one of those things you hear about later, oh a bunch of people died, etc etc
i feel like there would have been less commotion about it in the weeks to follow
no one notices when buildings burn down in my town.
during 9_11 the media was there, pounding it into us every second, reiterating over and over what it was and what they thought. FORCING emotion into us, FORCING us to care about all the faces and families that died.
Really bad shit happens everywhere every day.
We need to be able to handle death better than this.
Q "Looking at yourself through the media is like looking at one of those rippled mirrors in an amusement park."

Ed Muskie, US Secretary of State, 5/26/80
hsg malleable_agenda_inducer 061113
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jane paparazzi 070621
kung Fu for gogs sake, what is up ? some people want to be in a film and be able to get a pint of milk from the local shop, uppp the people you are jealous of if you are a muppet. 070622
jane half 070624
Risen There is no sense of responsibility. Of any of the grounding concepts by which the fourth estate ought to be ruled.

No self-awareness, no mea culpa. No recognition that they are part of the problem, when they ought to be part of the solution.

That clicks or subscriptions or copies bought should not be their raison d'être - what happened to the idealists?
unhinged rachel meadow's russia hysteria is a prime example. considering she's a lesbian, i'm surprised that she is pushing for president pence. 170602
unhinged maddow's

fucking autocorrect
Risen Yes, the Left seems to be becoming just as hysterical, and just as obsessed with fake news as the right. Which does distract from other issues.

I seriously doubt Trump's ego would have allowed him to ask the Russians to fix the election, although I do think he is playing right into their hands, it wasn't that simple. Now, benefitting financially from dealings with Russian businessmen - or ones of any nationality - I can see happening. But no one would ask a foreign power to make them president.
Abyssia I find it extremely hypocritical that we're so disturbed by foreign powers interfering in our democracy, considering our notorious reputation for interfering in the democratic processes of other nations.

This red-scaring is also ridiculous considering its origins: DNC officials trying to shirk responsibility for leaked instances of corruption with the DNC and collusion with media outlets to run attacks on certain candidates. Is it interfering with another nation's democracy if that interference is revealing corruption that is hindering democracy? Swallowing this Russia hysteria requires a large amount of double-think.
unhinged exactly. as a socialist, our interference in elections in south america to stop the people powered left wing movements in many countries by business and government interests of the united states, is particularly egregious to me.

the dnc and the media think we are too stupid to notice this shit. the democratic party is a sinking ship. as my favorite pundit says, they'd rather lose to a republican than win with a progressive. the fact that anyone in this country thinks we even have two parties is laughable to me.
unhinged and the more marches democrats organize and the more petitions they originate about a russia investigation, the more likely they are to blow the gift of an election that 2018 should be. and if all we get out of a democrat controlled congress is more neoliberal bullshit, what the fuck is the difference anyways?

THE ECONOMY IS BETTER (for the one percent) SEE. WE EMPLOYED PEOPLE (with shitty paying minimum wage service jobs while refusing to raise the minimum wage).

we are all smart enough to fill in the blanks the media and the oligarchy leave behind. find better politicians (regular people that want to make the world better) and kick the money out of government. quit using the system as an excuse to do nothing. educate yourself cause no one else will. pull your head out of the failing systems ass. a free press is free to be propaganda.

as hard as i try, i can't turn away from this trainwreck. at least in these parts i have legal pot...for now
Abyssia IdGoC What I wish is that we stopped wholeheartedly depending on these top-bottom systems. I want to see an America filled with independent media cooperatives and political cooperatives and local cooperatives. I want to see more people running for offices, familiarizing themselves with the system and challenging aspects of it. Concentrated anything leads to runaway corruption. Bottom-up systems won't be perfect, but they would be significantly better than what we have now: the many ruled and manipulated by the few. 170608
unhinged i agree that bottom up would be way better but america has spent it's entire history with the elite fighting against any bottom up structures here and across the world. the practical application of our constitution has always been hierarchical and elitist. it is a function of western monotheistic culture.

the kids are catching on to this though. and they may just push this country just a little closer to our stated ideals.
Abyssia IdGoC I also listen watch Jimmy Dore. Good show. 170609
unhinged he's the best :-)

i also like secular talk, the humanist report, and tim black as far as youtube pundits go. pretty shameful that youtube demonetized all the progressive independent media after a smear about ads running before a white nationalist video in i think it was the washington post. but thanks to crowdfunding google couldn't shut them up. sad that google has become a monopoly corporate asshole just like the rest of them

i was having a discussion about the election and why i thought people voted for trump last night and i couldn't help but pull out a little jimmy to bolster my argument. i am so sick of people saying the reason trump won was because obama was black. sure, there were the unapologetic racists that hated his entire presidency for that reason and voted for the man that wouldn't disavow david duke for that reason, but they didn't win trump the election. 'it's the economy stupid'
Abyssia IdGoC those are all my youtube pundits too! I like the tenor of the humanist report the most, but I enjoy Jimmy Dore's humor and outrage. 170613
unhinged i love jimmy but sometimes i can't swallow the outrage. sometimes i have to switch off the youtube and put on bob's burgers. but the jimmy dore show is my youtube crack; i know it's not always good for me but sometimes i just can't put it down. 170614
Abyssia IdGoc On occasion Jimmy will say something I don't agree with or come on a little too strong on a particular point, but I like him generally. Humanist Report is a little more measured, so I like listening to that one for perspective. 170615
unhinged mike has been kinda silly and outraged by turns himself lately. but he is definitely the quietest of that group. i like kyle kylinski (so) too but he gets really loud and ranty like jimmy sometimes and i just can't listen to it after awhile especially if i smoke

but after listening to a black lady bad mouth millennials and bernie supporters i have absolutely no interest in mainstream media. they are all corporate shills wearing blinders with absolutely no intellectual curiosity
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