Annie111 Cold 5am sleep in my eyes smells like toothpaste in the motel room. The darkness of concrete outside and the feel of an engine running, the taste of eggs and bacon after a night of running to nowhere. I look at my identity with the face scratched out; my birth certificate fans in the flame of your cigarette lighter. I cut a heavy velvet rope and my breath stung the cold, heavy air without much hope.

If this actually happened, the only thing that would matter to me was that you would always be willing to do it for me.
Effingham Fish I wonder, where do I think I'm going? 020121
mcdougall i will one day. when she will come with me. when she is ready we will run and never have another problem again.

i wish it was that simple.
optic discretion if only it'd always turn out the way we dream it would ...

yet alas, life always proves us wrong again and again, and we return home, where the heart always is ...
bethany 90% of teenage runaways become prostotues

i was a runaway but i forgot to charge
p2 i remember when i was really young
i ran away from home
but i wasn't allowed to cross the street yet
after the 7th or 8th time of circling the block
i realized how stupid i was
and went home

true story.
"bunnyboy" all those times before when i thought of running away and i never did it for more than three or four days. some times i would only run away as far as a neighbors house. this time, i'm running far. i'm really going to do it. i am not wanted by my family so i'm leaving them. maybe they will want me back when i'm gone. as soon as the ticket is bought i'm finally out of here. all i have is my bag, two changes of clothes and a one way ticket to a different life. if i had a car to sleep in it would be okay. i have nothing. i'm scared, but i can't stay where i am not wanted. no one knows where i'm going. maybe i'll get abducted by a serial killer. i'll just be another face amongst the crowd of missing young women. maybe i'll find my passion in life and turn everything around. maybe i'll lose myself in drugs again. or maybe i'll wish i never had to make this decision in the first place. i don't want to. i really don't, but this is it. this is really it. hate makes a broken heart do things. maybe i'll be happy again. dear God, i'll miss my best friend so much. no more tears. i have to be strong, especially when travelling the country...alone, broke and posessionless. whoever said things would get better lied to me. 030201
crimson Cassi and I had it all worked out. She would get a ticket from her city to mine and from there we would bus to Atlantic_City. We would be gone.
Just like that.
It would not matter what we had to do to get by because we were dying at home. Stupid as it was, I would have left in a heartbeat. I wonder whatever happened to our plan. Does she?
sylphide I used to say i'd runaway. Always the simple way.
But today i'll get high. There's no better way to subside, there's no better way to sink deeper into this bliss.
lost I want to run away from everything and find myself.
But how would I greet myself?
"Hello, I’ve heard so much about you... "
pete my feet slap the paved surface,
seeking for a contour they know,
i run away from this city,
i run away from this hotbed of hate..

i am taken by my emotions,
i can't see straight any more
and all the while
those song lines run through my mind:

'you can think behind an old fashion building,
i came down to take down its name...'
somebody i wanna runaway
never say goodbye
i wanna know the truth
instead of wondering why
i wanna know the answers
no more lies
i wanna shut the door
and open up my mind
Harlequin It started in the black morning as jaws snapped and my throat grew into twisted juniper branches and my right leg, The Queen Bee, would not let me have any rest because I was on fire but my chest was icy, chest so icy, so I wrapped myself up in you until I started to sweat and then I peeled the clothes away but I was afraid you might see me vulnerable so I hid under the covers and dreamt about all the nasty things we can say to each other but never do and so instead I just wanted to kiss you.

Take it from me that war is gruesome and bloody, there's nothing romantic or valorous about what we're doing. When you've done the deed and you're kneeling, facing the sun with sweat pooling in the bags underneath your eyes, a shadow might pass and you might ask what happened to the great whale.

Lips never felt so good as when you're diseased and spreading it and loving it, as when you throw your head back to the stars above and vomit cool air, cool smoke to twist and spindle from bright, bright fire. Never felt so good as when you're lonely and delirious and bedsheets strangle under pulsing moonlight.

Perfection lips to neck, perfection arms matching arms, perfection legs folded around waist, perfection hips with hips. Perfect in the light.
what's it to you?
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