amy nose, fingers, ears, toes...this cold is nice. whole body cold no good.

it's a degree issue, making me wonder about multiple definitions of 'degree.'
unrighteous1 blueish colour is of cold, nasty unless already been hot. makes fingers taste of snow. can have cold heart soul less unemotional 'man that's cooold'. Cold is baaad. Cold sheep are unhappy sheep 'cept for frozen eyelashes cause they look cool and screwy. cold is better than hot but not as good as warm. kinda like fat is not as good as festivly plump but err...not 991209
Mir shivers from cold are sometimes exciting and fun and disappointing when they stop. if i were freezing to death i wouldn't think so. 991210
bee these girls, i know, that will never grow. they were once my friends.

i used to sigh and cry and hope that maybe one day we could make amends.

but cold isn't not just a surface feeling. it made them hard as stone

so when i see them ,i look away and i remain alone.
hahaha i hate colds. they make me sneeze. 000115
lisa_is_bionic The tip of my nose is always cold.
It could be a thyroid problem. Or dead capilleries. It's probably something lame, like poor circulation.
unobtrusive so cold feeding it pills 000713
silentbob Got a light?
i know you you're-you're shivering
it's nothing they turned off my heat...and i'm just a little weak on my feet....would you light my candle?
disatisfied I feel cold inside. 000722
warm cold people are sad and mean
and will never know love
Mlle Avril Ever is my heart. 001221
unhinged time goes by but
is always there
like my heart beats for you
dangled over the pit
by a silken thread
wishing for your strong arms
to hold me up
i cut my own string to watch it fall
far down
past the empty despair
past the icy chill
past the dark haze
unhinged past your love
past my want
past the circles we have all
the bone-crushing velocity

(i just can't finish this one...)
unhinged to the smallest part of
all that is left of

Elana the place where i will forever live in eternal sadness. 010307
tit sometimes i wish i could be so. you have no problem turning off the heat. turning your back on me. turning away. turning cold. i am still hot, once from love and passion. Now that is over, yet even in my pain there is so much feeling that i am hot. hot from fury, hot from the cruelty that you spead to me. please let me be cold like you soon. 010322
patrice cold and stupid and my hands are shaking because you can be so cold. never speak to me again. 010504
elana i am always cold. i think i have a disease... 010603
Becky I'm realllly cold right now.. and it's JULY! dammit. I need HOT weather soon! 010713
Casey the hearts that display this effect shout not exist 010713
black-dyed gel product I've had a cold ever since I got back from the Warped Tour on saturday. It's a bad one too; I'm all dried out and stuffed up and coughing and feeling generally unhealthy. I went on my usual morning run on Monday and almost passed out when I got indoors. The combination of the heat and my health had made for adverse running conditions, so to speak. I've had to give up running for the week until I start feeling a little better. It sucks too because I still have to function even with my cold; I still have to go to work, rehearse with my band (which is difficult to when you have to sing through congestion), and go through all the other piddling crap of everyday life. But even still, I refuse to let my cold control my life; I will still do the things I enjoy despite my cold, such as going to the beach and blowing up those useless twirling poles they have in the front of barber shops. Viva la restistance
~~cough cough~~
Becky It's august.. and I'm freezing! I'm huddled up in a hoodie.. and I'm freezing my ass off.. I wish summer was warmer up here. I hate new england weather. 010829
soul The air is so cold, I breathe in violent daggers of ice.

The knife of coldness slashes my skin, I give in, feel the pain, I sacrifice.

I feel shivers face to face as the icy droplets pound me like a mace.

My heartbeat has been triggered and beats off in a race.

My body then echo’s my hollow pain as I am hit with icy drops of frosted rain.

But all my life I have still loved the crystals of ice, full of inspiration in the atmosphere.

Frail beauty that I’ve learned to love and never fear.

Tinged with secrecy the snow shimmers ghostly in the twilight air.

The sound of silence it brings seems so distant but in my life it is yet so rare.

Softly touching the lucid ice I cage myself from life and for a brief moment I just stare.

As Mother Nature’s beauty continues to wither and die.

It still breathes to thrive.

The atmosphere is still so blissful, soundless and sincere.

The pain that is now dispersed envies my cry of joyful cheer.

The worries that made me succumb to loneliness now lie in the edge of my mind.

I came back to see the nature that soothed, once forgotten but my memory starts to unwind.

Although it is mostly piercing cold, I can hear the wind drop.
And I can hear the leaves whispering aloft.

Only now do I venture down to the shadowy trees with wrinkles in their bark.

Old and grand and as they reprimand the dark light.

It’s time for me to find my way home before day becomes night.
silentbob not that cool live when you're waiting for weezer to go on 010927
Nerb Cold cannot exist without Warmth,
Warmth cannot exist without cold,
Cold is a figurative word meaing:
withouth warmth,
Warmth is the absence of Cold.
Cold Does not Exist
Warmth covers cold
tit it's cold here without you.
and it is hard to remember,
that it was colder here
with you
distorted tendencies It's cold in the sun room, even though I have a blanket. I wish you were here to snuggle with me under this blanket. I would hold you in my arms and play with you hair while chasing away the cold temperatures. 011007
yummyC cold shoulder to lean on
with your back brace
undone undone
falling to peices we bend
and crash
cold oblivion
unsettling dependence
trin hands so cold
with nobody to hold them.
melissah stay with me forever
lets just run away to mexico
you can be a bullfighter
like you always said
lets runaway to mexico
where it is never cold.
anne_jumps My feet are always cold. Dammit. 020830
Mary_Mandolin anne don't cry

*draws you a warm footbath*
Bizzar I hate the way he changes like the weather. Taking me out one night and then blowing me off the next like Im some kind of bother.

Im your girlfriend. I exist. I breathe for you and I do everything I can to make you happy. So why arent you?
blown cherry Your skin, your arms, legs and feet, your nose, cheeks and hands were so cold last night. It scared me how utterly and entirely cold your body was, even through my unconsciousness.
All I remember is pulling you towards me to give you the warmth that several hours of sleep had already brought to me, and that several hours of insomnia had kept from you.
chizill my fingers and toes are always cold. some days it gets so bad that they turn purple. 030521
BiZzY the feeling when your lonely,
the feeling when your sad.
the feeling when you hold me,
the feeling when your bad.
the feeling when your angry,
the feeling when you cry.
the feeling when you hang me,
the feeling when you die.
gantrithor For some reason, my girlfriend likes the cold. That little jolt, the tiny burst down your spine in chilly, breezy weather. It's not really cold here, but it tries. It tries and tries so hard.
Me personally, I like warmth. I like to float on air, wrapped up in a cushion of sunlight.
Cold I let pass right through me.
Warmth makes her feel squeezed.
How odd.
Jason Reed I feel so cold inside
The chill is to the core
Now I wish I would have died
Because of the cold my joints are sore

Is pain all I am allowed
The pain is always there
My chest feels empty and hollowed
This is endless pain is everywhere

Sadness and sorrow are my companions
As for the rest I am alone
For I have lost my only champion
I am now as cold as stone.
nick thank you jason 031108
falling_alone i'm freezing, my wizarding hat isnt working...the heat escapes through my fingertips...

and my arector pilli are working overtime...
silentbob last night it was raining. it was raining in december and now its snowing. hard continuous flakes of snow, speeding to the ground. and i can hear the wind howling.
in forty five minutes i have to go out in it.
ouroboros when you live in the fire you could die to be cold 031218
u24 ice, frozen emotion waiting for a thaw that'll never come. 040107
hurt_consumer Cold it the olny real tihng left in my tainted life .... 040119
nonentity the cd skips. i'm always cold. on the inside. i don't want help anymore. 040218
Smurf Snowball fights 040425
kookaburra i am colder then usual all of the time...
i think i have a condition.

x_x and that condition is rigor mortis...
anne reznor that's right baby, there will be no more soft killing with songs around here
'cause yay, woe, both feet are in the casket and there is no melancholy feelings about it
carry on my wayward son, there will be peace when you are done
lay your weary head to rest
Don't You Cry No More---Kansas
ofsuch i
hsgatincamail i'll warm you. 040523
baka ive got goosebumps and its the middle of summer.
i have no idea why, i always have chills when i try not to cry.
her royal highness the quirk that thread of hope ive been hanging onto since i first found out...


it's been at least three months since i've curled into the fetal position to sob. i take that back. it's been at least three years since i've done that. i usually only cry in the shower these days. there's nobody in there to hear me.

my eyes won't stay shut long enough for me to sleep
love & hate is my heart as it tries to beat, tries to continue on through such a freezing pain. 040623
puredream *hands you some hot chocolate* 040623
puredream (with magic warming powder in it) 040623
love & hate thankyou, i wish it would help... 040623
puredream *snuggles* Hey did you know that you WILL be okay?

It may seem like an eternity until then, but this too shall pass.

I promise you that.

It's going to be absolutely miserable for however long it takes to get you back on your feet.

But things will change. You will start to mend.
naive artist What i wouldn't give for cold right now. It is one of those things you know exists despite it's current absence. 040701
ofsuch maybe one day we can keep each other warm again. til then, bcu pants will keep you cozy and warm. besides you will think of me when you wear them, and that will warm your heart. 040823
noname the cold creeps over me,
Spings on my chest like a crystal demon.
Sharp, quick, taste of my tongue freezing to my teeth,
Veins turn snow white and pure death stretches out its fingers
and grabs my throat...


. come back to me 041012
BarbyDoll Its november now, and its going to get cold. For months, from now on, there will be no more warm, soft air outside, the kind that I love to feel lift my hair and gently touch my skin. There will only be cold. Cold wind that chills me to my very core so that I feel that I will never be warm again. The cold months seem so long. 041101
me is beautiful
it's autumn here
and trees a falling off
it's cold outside
but it only alleviate the cold i feel within
puts things in equilibrium
but it's alright
it's still cold outside
and i put on a million jackets
but it's still cold
so cold
i wish you could warm me up
dreidl I am riminded *adjusts spectacles* Hillel who was too poor to tip the porter, who amassed his great learning and wisdom by listening outside the windows of the academy in the cold. There are thousands of schools named after him. It is taught that he eventually met an untimely death, freezing outside under the window of the academy poor and yet rich in spirit. 041221
me i havent written any graffiti for about a month now. its been too cold. paint dries funny when its this cold. like 20 degrees or less. i'm waiting for it to get warm, so my life can resume. 050303
freezing love i seem to be the coldest when i have lost someone i love. i hate that feeling. it makes me sad and it makes me miss you... ryan, i love you. 050509
Sirius I love the nordic cold...I wanna go up north away from here... 050518
hsg hell is the coldest. the tightest most frustated seed just trying to express its vibration 050725
z negative heat 050725
mauvel i want it to be this way
i want it to be disabled
i want it to grow on me
you need it to cut deep
you need it to punch hard
this way
this way of grace
has given me beauty
has given me peace
will take your decisions
make them my fate
sealed with a thought
unmade with this date.
foxykid I'm freezing cold in my Syracuse dorm room...but my hearts always warm...when I think about that game winning base hit... 051018
obnubilate i am cold. shall i ever thaw or shall i just shatter? 051204
flowerbed on a cloud You tell me you are cold
But I tell you you are not
You agree and tell me you are changing
But you are not

You are cold
But not in the way you mean

I wish
I hope
I love

ofsuch I'm cold 130102
what's it to you?
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