parsley sheep follow crowds and act like they should and color in the lines and fit inside their boxes perfectly. 990328
kirstin JOKE-ok what do you call a sheepherder from montana?.......a pimp. 990331
rian walking clouds of lovely conformity 990825
old hick What is the best way to have sex with a sheep?

Put its hind legs in your boots and try to push it off a cliff.
mmm i have a friend who owns sheep, we all think he does bad things to them, the kind of bad things a person shouldn't do to an animal 010326
Tank when i ranted to him about this whole situation he said, "well you know tank, some people are indians and some people chiefs." i say most people are sheep...

i need to learn a new fucking language in order to understand these people. baa words of hot air baa...

in fact, if i learnt how to knit, i could make a good living off people...
god why are sheep so hot?the_urban_pirate_reversal
pure prairie league
the iron sausage
Casey i may look like an elephant, but I am as timid as a lamb. 011107
bzzmel count them, 1 2 3 011206
general direction sheep followw the rules; stay between the yellow lines...

goats rebel, life life for all they can...

but they buth end up as hotdogs and dog food in the end...
joepriest they're so cute, an wooly, but sumtimes vicious an unfriendly so i say BURN THEM ALL!!! 020830
Jamie~The nonconformist If sheep only follow one another who is leading?
We are all sheep. Will you risk straying from the herd? Or are you afraid of the wolves?
~gez~ werewolf
im afraid of him
hes too
Doodhwala Can sheep look sheepish? Or are they always looking sheepish? If so, why do they look sheepish? What have they done? Come to think of come we look sheepish far as I know, I've never sprouted a wooly coat... 030402
whitechocolatewalrus eat green grass
eat yellow hay
eat blue clouds
fuzzy white wool
and a emit a lovely
kx21 * Sincere_sorry_and_apology *

Definition: Sheep

? ... 040505
somebody Bush Vows Punishment for Abusers of Iraqi Prisoners

22 minutes ago

* The Poor Sheep... *
? 040505
i * Passing_the_blame * 040505
kx21 Definition:- Sheep

The Victim of Tiger(s)...
notme i'd like to get some sheep
but then i'd have to get a boat
TK Where are you?

'mear sheepy sheepy sheep!

I wonder what
of things sheep

they understand ea
ch other like apes

Do they have the
re own la
like dolphins?

are there scientist acti
vely working on this?

Any one else miss CoCo?
If she can learn sigh language why cant other animals?

I saw a horse that could do math.
who says sheep or ant eaters could not learn math as well?

ok fish have small brains, but Randy told me that his x trained her hermit crab and her sea guppys to do tricks using a laser light

why cant I find sheep?

do sheep respond to there names like cats and dogs do?

If I had a sheep I'd name it Cloud

Countess Cloud The Super Duper Happy Smiling Sheep!

I bet sheep smile.

Cant all living things smile?

I like the way sloths smile it's the definition of adorable.

Did you know plants can be happy?
I wonder what kind of jokes they like best
or is it an individual thing, different for each plant?

Do you think plants are ticklish?

are sheep capable of feeling bashful?
how would one find out?

Why cant I find any sheep here?
what's it to you?
who go