i am surrounded by
that contain the last pitiful remains of imaginary dead girls.

surrounding these trits
containg this trash.
debris from a hundred imagined lives.
love trinkets.
tresured jewllery.
carefully hoarded childhood things.

invisible stories
pretend lives.

girls created already dead, for the blood they never could have shed.

[imaginary dead girls give the best head she said. and she was right.]

i feel like i should feel like i have betrayed these girls,
my girls,
they were dead before they were born.
i killed them, then created them.
thats a little harsh.
what chance did they have?
created only to be dead victims of a mad woman.

we bought all their supposed possessions
from op shops and second hand markets.
somewhere, someone owned these things before us.
before the girls.
we created the dead from the living.
doesnt that make us serial killers too?
Sailor Jupiter I was finished packing and gazed upon my many boxes that I was taking to college w/me. "Congratulations," my mother put her hand on my shoulder, "You're going to spend the next 4 years living out of boxes." She was right. 020505
sabbie imaginary_dead_girls 020619
ever dumbening salukis and greyhounds dance around
wiry canisters clink clink clink
against each other
and just what exactly are _you_ laughing at
blackbird i feel betrayed. or maybe i betrayed them too. see, i burned all the boxes today. i was going to leave them behind for them, but i wanted to see something burn. what better than the things i most want to forget? i burnt the tip of my finger lighting the match. it felt, and i didn't know how else to explain it. 030513
thegreatcryfromtheabyss Box #1
Door #2
Stairwell #3
Window #4

your eyes..
look out at me from all..I realized I am still in love with

and though your death is impending..
I would stop it if I could..
this is why I can't get involved.
jessho Boxes used to hold entire universes when you were young, now they're empty 050617
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