daxle everything is caused by something else so nothing is by chance 990707
Lothaine Why did that nucleus decay? 990720
andyfish the cat is dead. the cat is not dead.
nobody ever explained what killed it or
didn't kill it (except for opening the
damn box, which kills it every time) Whether it was just time for the cat to die or it was gamma radiation, something made the act of the cat dying happen.

chance is our puny mortal attempt to make sense of the giant non-linear system known as the universe, trying
to explain why certain things happened
when all along, all the time, they had to happen.
ikon you never gave me a chance. i know that now. you chose how to see the world, and i was nothing special. i never had a chance.
Now I am Justified. Now, I am Redeemed.
kx21 something may be created from nothing
by GOD or CHANCE???
birdmad i never took it
you never gave it
kx21 You took it for granted.

You are created in this Universe by Chance!!!.

Do you have a choice on
Who : Father / Mother / ...
Where: Heaven / Hell / Moral World /
Nation / City / ...
When : Year / Month / Day / Hour /
Minute / Second/ ...
... ???
ass facely what's the difference.
before the beginning, after the end.
753 trillion years before the beginning of time. 10 minutes after the end of the world. everything's everything.
you you you you you that cat's something i can't explain. blam blam your pointers. neptune titan stars can frighten. stairway scare Dan dare, who's there? it's what i wear it's what you see it must be me IT'S WHAT I AMMMMM!!!!!!!!

...vegetable man, where are you??
kx21 "IT'S WHAT I AMMMMM!!!!!!!!" is undefined.

You and your mind, body , thinking, feeling, elements, etc. changed every minute, second, ...
bloody potato chip fing your arms madly old lady with a daughter 001021
its what i am fling fling flinginging finger finger 001021
oxen overgrown blam blam your pointers 001021
ass facely ...not my body 001021
ass facely sails cackling at every blake we break 001022
kx21 Chance is about choice(s) to Change(s) or Change(s) to choice(s). 001022
ass facely change is the only constant in this or any universe 001024
ass facely random attacks of flying flingies and butchering heat aside, i proceeded to flail my thick, rubbery lips toward the sun as i ran. in a while i started to smile, i came upon a pile of veal most vile. in the intense heat, the steaming meat melted into gore upon the shore. oh yeah. 010223
birdmad would she ever take one with the likes of me? 010223
kx21 Is there any chance for you to change the Fate of the Universe, in particular the fate of GOD? 010224
Chrity go to:
keeper i have no chance 010416
forever I have no chance, but i want the chance to love you and have you love me back. Everyday i fall farther and farther in love with you. Why am i letting my heart down for disapontment, i know you love her but she does not like you but i love you, so love me back. I know 3 years but me to much. but i pray give me the chance. 010530
splicer well,
what can I say!
6 may!
oh may I.
oh shit
oh but there's a code.
nobody knows it.
so try guessin' baby.
woof woof.
try me.
question EDIT,
so tell me what ya think about this....
are you Zola LUCKY nina Ninny turtle rat a-team space troopers or what?

lets keep the money undergound,
snort lots of coke and totally be cool.
hah quinny. lets write one then.wiv brown and pink and my jackie cowgirl dreams (its her birthday soon)

I miss Mike
I want to see a photo please,
me never meet him,
me don't think.
I mean is he dead.
or is he my sun?
Cry baby Mike I'm black and Blu.
Oub never told me.
Maybe he's the sun god!
JAX you Jazzy do we have a taxi or what!
me wants to cry.
I just don't understand anything anymore.
it's so shit,
it's all fucking lies, lies, lies.
what the fucks wrong with everyone?

why is it so continuous?
I'm no newspaper,
I never read one they are fucking crap.
I prefer toilet paper.

Nirvana Nevermind sweethearts.
Bula next to Zim.
zippy is stupid.
Darwin another wanker.
by real cowboys like Indians too.

help me please.
crinkle head dunkle bot.
The Truth The chance concept is derived from society's need for an explanation of things that are complex and incomprehensible. Things like chance, luck and odds can all be broken down mathematically, as can everything else.
From a superior being's perspective, there is no such thing as chance, everything behaves exactly as it is supposed to, and given the properties of any given object at a certain point in space and time, it could calculate the future position of that object quite easily.

Example: You roll the dice. You win big! All because of an injury as a child.

Outcome? Is it random chance? Can they be related?

No, it is not random chance. And yes, they are related, the factors that would apply are:
The initial position of the dice in your hand (e.g. 3 up and 4 face up).
Their position after "shaking" the dice in your hand.
The velocity of the dice, and their weight.
The distance the dice travel from your hand to the table.
The material the table is covered with. (wood, felt, marble)

The temperature.
The atmospheric pressure and everything that affects the atmosphere.
The gravity, and everything that affects gravity, Like the position of Europa, one of Jupiter's moons.
and On and on and on and on.
(So basically, there are infinite factors.)
(and also, you can see how all things are related this way, and how every little thing affects everything else in some way eventually.)

The shape of your hand would determine the dice's position, as would the texture of your hand, including finger prints and scars.
Now, let's say when you were a kid, you cut your hand and it left a scar. That tiny scar would stick out a considerable distance if you looked at it closely enough, at least enough to act as a "speed bump" for a pair of dice in your hand, rubbing over the scar several times.

All of these factors combined can be analyzed and quantified, and upon graphing the equation (if possible for humans) one could determine that if you did not have that scar on your hand, you would have rolled entirely different numbers than the "5" and the "2", causing you to lose instead of win the jackpot, which will obviously change your life's future potential.

But will it affect it as much as a tiny cut in your hand from several years ago?
girl_jane ...the name of a boy who used to go to school with me. He also washed dishes at the place I waitressed. The stainless steal counter type place he washed dishes on was always super slippery when it was wet. He always joked around about us fucking on it sometime. We never even touched each other. He got sent away. I haven't seen him in over a year... 020209
optic discretion nothing's chance ... everything happens for a reason, a purpose ... 020308
Jamie Chance: how many arguments have been solved with the flip of a coin and how many have been started? It is all up to chance. 020503
lobsterman we know what chance means to humans but what does it mean to the universe? we know the virtually random, but what of the truly random, that for which there is no measurement that doesn't take chance into account. And can all things ever be known? Even by an infinite being? When in fact, even omnipotence cannot break the photon untill it is too late. 020503
elimeny im not trying to say i could heal you.
you arent broken, i wont fix it.
but i just wanted to stick around.
wont you let me be around?
please just invite me in...
i always wanted to be the girl who got invited to the best parties...
and its not that im depressed.
im just disappointed. i thought there was something there.

but maybe i was just being nieve.

i have invited you in.
back to the warehouse, where everything you ever wanted to know about a person is stored.
but i think i open my doors too widely.
i guess everyone needs secrets.
but secrets have only hurt me before.
and im not afraid of getting hurt,
im afraid of getting led on
im afraid of getting no chance
im afraid of being deceived.

i just want a chance.
did i blow it?
User24 daxle: I totally and 100% agree with your originating blathe. 030401
boy2003 Ya, the universe is neither controlled by chances nor fate. YOU decide your own world. 030605
tortuous that maybe you thought to notice something 030929
misstree so, i go to the vending machines with two dollars in hand... i was going for hot chocolate but i thought there might be a chance they had stocked the sandwich machine with something edible (ha! that's a good one, tree)... and i realize that the coffee machine doesn't take bills, rendering my paper-based symbolic wealth worthless. the thought of a soda turned my stomach, so i settled on a fifty cent carton of milk. and get back a quarter. many beavis-like noises were made by me, and i finally bought a bag potato skin like processed foods, giving me another quarter change. i plug it into the coffee machine, finally triumphant (i take what victories i can), hit the buttons, and it starts beeping at me. "winner" is flashing in the screen. it dispenses, and then gives me back those cursed quarters.

this is why i say that chance doesn't stumble, it dances, and it sticks its damn tongue out at you while it does.
anonymous you DONT decide your world your boss fires you he decided not you they wont let you in the club they DECIDED not you
you decided you want to be president you cant possibly do that now can you so you dont decide you get what is given to you ask for more might even lose what you have you never decided and never will things personal yes you do decide them i like her no i dont or do i you want to be with her but she dont there she decided but even she dont decide in the end
never go on that fuckin i make my world theory you'l just end up sleeping on the pavement still deiciding what the heck went wrong
nick I had a chance once.

I lost.

Or maybe I gave up...

it sure seeme like lost though.

luck of the draw?

interesting thing about luck,
a computer can't create a "truly" random number... all random events generated by computers are a function of the internal clock.

maybe it was bad timing.


I'm going to go get some more quarters
* talk about chance....

Early this morning it was discover that the words that once expressed themselves on the blather page are now missing! The massive public outcry for justice that soon followed has prompted local law enforcement to mount an around the clock hunt for any punctuation that might have seen the rhyme take place.

On the federal lever a World Wide Web search for any suspicious sentences that might be harboring the missing words is now in progress. A spokeman for the White House said the president was concerned but said that everyone should remain claim, lock all their doors, chill and listen to some rap-music.

Later in the day FBI agents stated they would do everything clause-able to bring the perpetrators to justification. Furthermore, once apprehended, under the direction of the States Attorney Drew H. Wrigley they would seek nothing less then the most severe sentence. Wrigley finished by saying, "Justice will be done and the people are calling for nothing less then Capital Pun-ishment!

These comments were followed by local authorities saying , "We have no reason to believe the missing words have been harmonized in anyway despite the eyewitness testimonies claiming they saw broken sentences all over the page. Concluding they had every confidence that the missing characters would be found and returned safely to their home-page soon.

An earlier report presented by on-site investigators concluded the possible murder weapon, found on a desktop, was not related. The weapon was then reveled as just another tasteless text file containing a new Bobby and Peter Farrelly screenplay. Authorities well aware of their previous callous assassin on characterization had suspected the brothers were once again masquerading as actors-slash-directors-slash-writers and committing unspeakable crimes on literature. Fearing the worst - critics of the brothers speculated they might have eaten the words as part of a horrific plan to later spew them on unsuspecting movie-goers. However, a further examination of the contents of a nearby trashcan labeled "recycle bin" believed to have contained the cinematic vomit only revealed a turd in the form of an unrelated Internet porn advertisement that had been discarded there.

Both agencies sighting recent rumors of mass erasure, inappropriate abbreviation and underworld ties to the famous alphabet crimes as being totally un-font-ed and highly unlikely! Personally, this reporter smells a mischievous critic or misguided editor at work here - but that is not the opinion of this network station.

In a possible related story; It was confirmed that the logic from the lyrics of Trick Daddys' new Rap album were still missing? Sadly authorities on that case conceded that there was little hope of a recovery. Comments on how common sense can be protected in future album releases suggest Trick should attend a few night classes and at least get his GED.

Fierce I think I take too many chances. but that's okay because everyone else does, and they turned out right...right?
Life is enough of a chance for me. A chance to die and for man to never conquer his own death. That is chance. Life is chance. Chance is where remains life?
The same, the same...
peyton you don't have to say
what you did
i already know
Steganography i took a chance with you on a chilly april night. i said spontaneous and you kissed me. on the court, up against a fence, out into the parking lot, in the car with loud music, through the window...and i watched you drive away, then he called...cheater. still i'll never regret taking a chance 060511
no reason she just doesn't give anything a chance if it doesn't directly involve what she likes the most. i wish i could take that space sometimes. 060702
angie we have one chance to get everything right.. 070518
Witness I believe in chance. 071025
Witness I believe in karma. 071025
flowerbed on a cloud Just one... 080420
Iren3_adler If I had the chance, I don't know what i'd do.

Would I fight in out in role? Tie you up, make you beg me for forgiveness, write my name upon you over and over in any form, black marker pen, chocolate body paint, my own kisses - anything to make you remember who you belong to. Who your body answers to.

Then I remember she must have made you wet. You must have shifted with her the way she shift with me - the way that subtley says "I want you, do you realise?" And then I am sick to my stomach and I want to rinse your mouth clean to remove the traces of her from your tongue.

I am torn between seeing you and never seeing you again. You will no longer look as I know you; soft, kind, my girl. Instead you have given yourself over to another and that is all I'd see. And I don't know if I would be able to fuck her away. No matter how hard I thrust inside you, no matter if I marked you, kissed you, burned you with my lips, I would still be behind her. She beat me. You chose to let her.

And yet, I know it is my fault.

I have a week alone coming up. The things I want to do both terrify and excite me. I've never seen myself as a top before, and yet suddenly I know I could never submit to you again,

As she did.
what's it to you?
who go