psyki the state of being extinguished like a candle 000224
BoofPixie a bad band. an overrated band. a millionaire's paradise. 000312
Brad Musical geniuses? no. Marketing geniuses: Geffen records. COnvinced a whole generation it's hip to not know how to play your instruments. 000312
birdmad maybe not geniuses, but not deserving such outright contempt (in my opinion)

the markedly visible despair on Kurt Cobain's face at the Mtv Unplugged taping during the last phrase of the last song on the set.

"Where Did You Sleep Last Night...

My girl, my girl
Don't lie to me
Tell me where did you sleep last night?

in the pines
in the pines
where the sun don't ever shine
i will shiver the whole night through

My girl, my girl
where will you go?
i'm going where the cold winds blow.
in the pines
in the pines
where the sun don't ever shine
i will
the whole

I understand now.
daxle was it good was it bad does it matter?
either way it seems that kurt had a very significant effect on the face of yesterdays
and I think he was genuinely in pain when he screamed
and I'd rather have that than a bible under my arm and a glassy smile on my face
or britney in my discman
same thing really
but in some ways I know he was a failure at life, so does that make his music a failure?
I don't know
Brad Sure he wa sa failure at life. This doesn't mean his music was a failure... however, i still feel his music was a failure. All it communicated was contrived angst and marketability at a particularly sensitive juncture in pop culture's perception of hip. At this time, it was possible and easy to convince the youthful record-buying public of validity even where there was little. The general public has no basis for creating a standard in literature art and music because of a weakened education system in these areas. The industry knows this, and takes advantage of the fact by producing a relatively low-cost, low-depth product with a high turnover rate and maximized profits. Rock bands to the standard of Nirvana's musicianship and intellectual depth are plentiful. The supply therefore outweighs the demand, so it is easy for the larger percentage of such "musicians" to be cast aside and the relatively arbitrarily selected "lucky few" to be elevated to the rank of pop culture icons. With the supply exceeding the demand as such, record companies can take advantage of even the "lucky few" by creating contractual standards which lower the perceived ideal of monetary compensation. With the price curve of music being relatively fixed; i.e. what the public will pay for a CD, the only foothold record companies have on profit manipulation is a convoluted method of, effectively, lowering monetary compensation by the "artists" themself. Furthermore, this is legitimized by an illusion of artistic or intellectual superiority where in fact there is none; the artists with true vision are subjugated even further by this process in that they are forced to take whatever business opportunities made available to them by scrupulous, fringe recording companies. It's more complicated than you think.... 000509
Brad so HA! : ) 000509
MollyGoLightly Have trying to figure out the exact formula we use to determine who our icons are. 000510
dican heaven 000511
MollyCule regardless of whether or not Nirvana and/or Kurt were geniuses, sellouts, or possibly both, I will always like them a bit simply for the song "Molly's Lips" 000519
gregg quite obviously, Nirvana (the band) has created quite an impact on some here for when the name is mentioned, the band comes to mind, and not the actual meaning of the word. personally, i like a few of the songs...all an artist does is add a new angle to communication, and if someone, a group, or whatever speaks to many people, is that wrong? granted some many musicians are no talent bores, but i am an artist without formal training in perspective and color mixing etc etc, does that mean that my paintings suck? no, it doesnt, if i've achieved my goal of communicating to my audience, then ive achieved my goal.

(and it's all symbolic anyways right?)
Splinken What's funny to me is how the dour-faced little man became a Face, like Marilyn Monroe was a Face, though I'd take her misery over his any day. 000614
guitar_freak Buddha, karma, a great band 001013
blocks blown out 001117
tourist Long John Baldry, Did A Song named Black Girl Which bears an uncommon resemlence to "Where Did You Sleep Last Night".
The Final Lines Being...
...My daddy was a Railroad man
Killed a mile and a half from Here
His Head was found in the Driving
And His Body Ain't Never Been Found
It seems like Nirvana just borrowed other peoples stuff like so many other Musicians have, the business is ruthless, relentless in the push to sell product.But I have no point to make here.
god those were great compositions. the music was incredible IMHO. 001117
psychobabe why did the band have to die with kurt? He was so kick ass, then god just had to take him away, why? 001122
birdmad found in the driving wheel actually, if i remember correctly, Kurt did attribute the song "where did you sleep last night" to someone other than his own band.

only vanilla_ice and michael_bolton (in my most recent memory) have ever been stupid enough to claim something that was so very clearly not their own

a good portion of the Unplugged show was the band paying tribute to the bands that had served as their influences
lilitu Does anyone else notice that whenever you look at Kurt Cobain's eyes no matter where on a poster, real life if you met him...his eyes where always so sorrowful and sad. It's such a pity no one helped him 001216
unhinged jim carroll wrote a beautiful poem about kurt...i'll have to put it up when i get back to school. 010107
kx21 GOD's HEAVEN = SATAN's HELL... 010107

Genius is not a generous thing
In return it charges more interest than any amount
of royalties can cover
And it resents fame
With bitter vengeance

Pills and powders only placate it awhile
Then it puts you in a place where the planet's
poles reverse.
Where the currents of electricity shift

Your Body becomes a magnet and pulls to it despair
and rotten teeth,
Cheez Whiz and guns

Whose triggers are shaped tenderly into a false
in timeless illusion

The guitar claws kept tightening, I guess, on your
heart stem.
The loops of feedback and distortion, threaded
right thru
Lucifer's wisdom teeth, and never stopped their
In your mind

And from the stage
All the faces out front seemed so hungry
With an unbearably wholesome misunderstanding

From where they sat, you seemed so far up there
High and live and diving

And instead you were swamp crawling
Down, deeper
Until you tasted the Earth's own blood
and chatted with the buzzing-eyed insects that
heroin breeds

You should have talked more with the monkey
He's always willing to negotiate
I'm still paying him off...
The greater the money and fame
The slower the pendulum of fortune swings

Your will could have sped it up...
But you left that on an airplane
Because it wouldn't pass customs and immigration

Here's synchronicity for you:

Your music's tape was inside my Walkman
When my best friend from summer camp
Called with the news about you

I listened then...
It was all there!
Your music kept cutting deeper and deeper valleys
of sound
Less and less light
Until you hit solid rock

The drill bit broke
and the valley became
A thin crevice, impassable in time,
As time itself stopped.

And the walls became vises of brilliant notes
Pressing in...
That's how diamonds are made
And that's where it sometimes all collapses
Down in on you

Then I translated your muttered lyrics
And the phrases were curious:
Like "incognito libido"
And "Chalk Skin Bending"

The words kept getting smaller and smaller
Separated from their music
Each letter spilled out into a cartridge
Which fit only in the barrel of a gun

And you shoved the barrel in as far as possible
Because that's where the pain came from
That's where the demons were digging

The world outside was blank
Its every cause was just a continuation
Of another unsolved effect

But Kurt...
Didn't the thought that you would never write
another song
Another feverish line or riff
Make you think twice?
That's what I don't understand
Because it's kept me alive, above any wounds

If only you hadn't swallowed yourself into a coma
in Rome...
You could have gone to Florence
And looked into the eyes of Bellini or Rafael's

Perhaps inside them
You could have found a threshold back to beauty's arms
Where it all began

No matter that you felt betrayed by her
That is always the cost
As frank said,
Of a young artist's remorseless passion

Which starts out as a kiss
And follows like a curse

Jim Carroll
god that was too good. 010115
kx21 The_Ultimate_Bliss? 010116
unhinged i thought so too the first time i ever read it.

jim carroll writes some good stuff. maybe i will put some of it up when i get the time.
Sol is not attainable, because if you seek it you are self orientated and impure, you must however truly know yourself and have vanquished your 'self' for your 'soul' to reach it. 010418
yummychuckle the whole religious stuffs...
but the band nirvana rocked.
i miss kurt cobain, though i never knew him to begin with. Of course, obsessing over him and having many books, CDs, movies, and posters of and about him suits me well.
jane it wasn't so much sadness or pain as it was hopelessness. 010706
casey Nirvana was a great band. The music video for Smells Like Teen Spirit represents my high school very well 010706
black-dyed gel product I still firmly believe that courtney love had kurt killed. 010707
yummychuckle and you should. she either pushed him to suicide by being the huge bitch she is, or she got sometone to kill him. 010707
Berlappen I don't think she had anybody kill him. I think he just possibly saw what his band had become in the mtv world and got depressed. If i was him and i had to be around and deal with the filth of our race everyday, not to mention his wife, i would be severely depressed. Who knows, he might have just waken up to the reality of today and saw how much of a virus his race really is to this world. I love kurt's his music and i felt through listening to his lyrics that he was not asleep to this reality. 010726
jem so he's dead. woop de doo, horray for drugs.
remember the ramones? they were original. everything else is just a pawn. i dont even like the ramones anyway.
black-dyed gel product "I have killed.
I have killed others.
I have killed a part of myself.
I cannot change this.
I must seek buddha.
I must seek christ."

"You must seek therapy."
kx21 god's_breath? 010727
psychobabe god DAMN curt was a hottie 010912
psychobabe I'm so proud of myself!!!! I can actually play nirvana on my bass guitar! *smiles in great happiness*

--smells_like_teen_spirit AND

I amazed myself, behind my image, i am actually pretty good. with more practice maybe i'll be better.

sabbie and his tired voice sings 'jesus dont want me for a sunbeam'

it must have been hard to be a squizzillionaire.
pushpins hm, well i doubt molly will visit this again, but...
mollys lips was just a cover from that vaselines song.
so really, you don't have to even like them for that.
Rael. ...& I guess they meant something to me. Meant everything, really, for a time. Kurdt. he was, he is, still beautiful. But you can't help but be mad at suicides... it's. It's like a slap in the face. a Fuck you. Suicide says to your loved ones, your 'fans', your family & friends, it says Your love, this life. It's not good enough. It doesn't sustain me. I'm leaving you. dear John, or in this case, dear Boddah. I am leaving you for someone else. I am leaving you for the unknown, for the biggest whore, the deeper Hole. Death is a whore. In the end she fucks everybody so why..not..just...stay?
I loved Kurt. he's gone now. & all we have left is the musick, & our lives, and that, of course, is what you make of it. The best revenge is living it well, & preserving your memories. Come as you are. But pay as you go.

peace luv empathy,
Rael OneCloud
*~K freedom from suffering. freedom from all the things that tie us down....
as a band name, it never worked. how can you be free in a tight framework of concerts, photo shoots, all the bullshit that happens to you with fame?
never SAID it was a song of theirs. if you watch the unplugged thing it was LEADBELLY, it was said three times that it's LEADBELLY's, god! some people shouldn't blather about what they don't understand...
yufap A forsaken bliss filled with yuppies and whores raping everything they see in sight. True nirvana is more difficult to obtain than one woul believe. Take me there. If only I could wish. If only I could no longer desire, but desire for that. 020221
Casey You do have to admit that Courtney Love no where even compares to the evil of Yoko Ono 020221
jm They were definately the last band that mattered. I think for the most part true rock and roll ended with Nirvana. Oh well, it was a nice 50 years while it lasted. And while the crapy music that dominates the charts today continues poring out, us true music fans will always have bands like Nirvana, the Beatles, Velvet Underground, Ramones, ect. to shelter us. 020505
Daria They sung something about mosquitos, albinos, and libido.
silentbob sigh.
again. over praised
silentbob they remind of a garage band that somehow got really really popular and no one can really figure out why. they dont seem that much more special than any other local band that came out of any suburb. 020506
Daria Exactly.
But, i think part of their appeal
was the fact that everything they ever did sounded like they had just thrown it together.
sykoze the union of upaya and prajna, according to the tantrics 020510
sykoze and fuck the band 020510
jessicafletcher "f*ck the record and f*ck the people"--snot
nirvana's not bad. not amazing. i have sung the songs. i have 4 albums. i also have legs and eat bread. is this exceptional?
cheer I dont see how some people can say nirvava is not wonderful.... they might not have been geniuses, but I think kurt was a songwriting genius. just listen to the words... he is amazing.
I like polly and drain you.
cheer-up-emo-kid I dont see how some people can say nirvava is not wonderful.... they might not have been geniuses, but I think kurt was a songwriting genius. just listen to the words... he is amazing.
I like polly and drain you.
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY im so happy,
cuz 2day ive found my friends,
are in my head,
im so ugly,
but thats ok cuz so are you,
broken mirrors,
light my candles,
in a daze cuz ive found god,
yeah ah ah ah yeah ah ah ah ah yeah ah ah ah ah ah yeah

ThE lAtE GrEaT NiRvAnA
mamma nirvana 020624
teddy Like your little police file. It was complete when I gave it to you. Who took out the 12 pages? 020701
phil look at what music has amounted to 020701
phil If Nirvana didn't mark some sort of a high point in my life
I don't know what could
andy drive me crazy around in nirvana nothing but the apathy to keep my company as the reality of your love is revealed to me for its emptiness fully confounds me and makes me bleed out onto this cold concrete which holds me close for the cold hands creep on my back reminding me i deserve no comfort while the echoes of the wind blowing on my face reminds me i am doomed to live eternity alone with only myself to blame. 030120
User24 Do not search for Nirvana.

You cannot attain Nirvana until you stop searching.

Do not stop searching in order to attain Nirvana.

All paths and searches lead away from Nirvana.

Nirvana is attained not at the end or the start of the path.

Nirvana is attained when you sit down, and stop walking the path.
not important hmm... maybe this lifetime will be the one... 030707
celestopia nirvana. power chords. the musical skill was never exceptional, although dave grohl is a decent drummer.

but you know what i fucking LOVE about kurt cobain, is the way he writes lyrics. they're not technically that great, from a literary perspective. they don't always make sense to the outside world. but he wrote lyrics that meant something to him and had the balls to say
fuck art
fuck clarity
fuck good taste
if no one else gets this i couldn't care less.

not many bands do that.
they're all too concerned with being artistic or beating their listeners over the head with some point they want to make.

also, i like the fact that in his album photos he managed to conceal his incredible hotness. you'll notice he always looks better in the photos taken of him in daily life than in the albums.
i respect that.
pete Nirvana: to be blown out 040311
phallusdei listening to nirvana makes you accept pain. it gives you somehing to relate to, not only in people but in a bigger picture. you guys that say overrated, you're a fucking joke, your just saying that to look un-trendy, but if you were honest to yourselfs, you'd get it. I'm not even saying that they're the best band or that they influenced good music, just i remember being anti-social and listening to lithium on a busride with everyone around talking, that was great.

pavement's a cool band, too. ;)
katie nirvana means perfection, and kurt cobain was quite nice looking. i think nirvana was a fitting name. also, he addressed the suicide note to buddha, which means the enlightened ones, he was addressing it to the fans. thats quite nirvana 040527
minnesota_chris yeah, those guys are really enlightened. I mean, they're Nirvana fans! 040527
minnesota_chris I think my own personal nirvana would have lots of nice, smart friends, eating good food and having provocative conversations.

Music and sushi and lots of couches.
kx21 Think NO Evils 040531
;) * iLink- The_no_evil_rule * 040531
_alone & lost_ with the lights out
its less dangerous
here we are now
entertain us
here we are now
entertain us
a mullato, an albino, a mosquito, my libido
One OM... 040601
strange something im really passionate about. i dont care if people call them sellout s or whatever. to me, its not about the image, i just really like the music. i don't know. maybe it's me. 040620
kimmyness suicide was not the answer.Courtney pulled that trigger. 040701
i*ll SHIVER the whole night through where_did_you_sleep_last_night 040702
just kidding.
don't ask.

in my eyes
i'm not lazy
in my face
it's not over
in your room
i'm not older
in your eyes
i'm not worth it
u24 please. get over it.
nirvana really aren't that great.
it makes me sad that this page is mostly about the band.

i love what psyki wrote.
bridgeburner I say, have youre own opinion, to you guys out there. But I can say from my point of view that if you have listened to nirvana, i mean, really listened, closely, you should be able to appreciate the blood that is in that record, and all of them. There was something about kurt which made people drawn to him. A lost generation. and people finally realised there is something to pour their emotions into. I mean, you look at kurt and you see a lost boy, who didnt know what he wanted. And people identified with that. It was more to do with kurt than the band itself. And it was more than a band. But strangley no one knows WHAT it was.

But I did like dave grohl immensly as well.
Belle de jour A mulatto
An albino
A mosquito
My Libido

Words to live by.
Piso Mojado olywa 060115
mos not us against them.
it is i against all.
and fuck you by the way because i am already dead.
Xeneth What happens when you reach the seventh chakra. The ultimate death, the 1000 pedal lotus, to know not only all of existence but all of nonexistence. If only the band name weren't taken. 060403
One Heart_and_mind around_and_across the Flat_Universe... 060403
?x how_can___... 060403
> the_six_knots be untied? 060403
unhinged is beyond all concepts 070626
what's it to you?
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