aschool darwin had ideas, shouldnt we all have ideas, or should we control ideas. 000522
MollyGoLightly My history prof said that there is no biological basis for the division of races. And I was surprised. Goes to show how conditioned I am. 000522
The Schleiffen Man what race are you?
i want to mark check by "marathon"
i last to the end
good or bad
fast or slow
enduring to the end i am, and will be
aschool we are all born, and for this we sould not be categorized or ostracise. 000522
misspent youth should i classify it, or should i run in it? 010321
florescent light you should honor and respect and accept the differences, because we are not all the same. 010321
Sol the term race was created in the late 1700's to justify slavery, white european (caucasian, as they catagorised themselves) peoples created this system based upon the idea that they were superior to all other peoples, and proceeded to catagorise the world into groups, very loosely based on skin colour and level of ' percieved social and technological advancment' there is in fact more genetic variation WITHIN a 'race' than between 'races' and we are brought up with this history ( dating back to precepts originated by socrates (the greek philosopher) justifying slavery)
and so find it very difficult to see all people in a fair and even way, allowing for cultural differences (rather than damning people for them)
Ponderer Everyday of our lives;
Every moment that we breathe;
all winds down to one big race;
A Marathon.
Will you run?
Will you give it your everything?

Do not give up.

Do not say you don't care.

Do not fear failure.

The only thing that you should fear is that in the end you will look back and wish that you had tried harder.
pETAH race is sacred! 020426
HeatherBrock feel the wind beneath my feet for I shall never run this way again.
Know this to be not believing, for I know that all is not well with life.
Think again and we shall know what the race was like again
sporkwielder i find culture a much more satisfying paradigm. But leave it to us to impose our visual reasoning onto the world haphazard, connecting real dots, and filling in false dots when we aren't pleased with the picture. We are doomed to navigate our world by a map that is only moderately informed. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 020507
endless desire Focus on?

the eventual finish line? making it to that point. exhausting every ounce of energy for that single purpose.

the race itself maybe? making the best of the experience and the effort you are putting into it. adding memories and personality.

or the rewards after the fact? from something as simple to a bottle of water, a pat on the back, a smile to something more desired. . .cheers from the stands. . .a medal of some kind.

take your pick.
is there a wrong answer?
eh. maybe.
flies at the most fundamental level, race is indeed a lie.

However, there are many liars in this world, and we need to pay attention lest we get trapped by the bullshit.

The liars are now saying that there is no race, which is insane. Now that they've consolidated power, they're covering their trax. Don't believe the hype.
flies also, one should note that concepts of race have been around longer than just the recent past (the OED has it recorded as early as 1600). the chinese and the indians, like us whiteys, valued fair skin, northern lineage over dark, southern. the roots are deep. 040325
fuck nazis As individuals, our racial identity is so intimately inscribed into the ways that we see and experience the world, and other people in it, that it’s often taken as a natural and unchanging fact of life. Race is a social construction, meaning that the stigmas and divisions associated with it are born out of political and cultural, rather than purely biological factors. but it’s also a material reality -one that plays a central role in shaping the ways that power operates in a specific society. given the current wave of racist and nationalist reaction sweeping the globe, it is important that we develop a shared understanding of race, and the role that it plays in constructing and reinforcing oppressive hierarchies.

so... what is race exactly, and what do I have against it? well, a broad definition would be to say that it’s a particular type of caste system, or a way of classifying people into rigid social hierarchies, based on perceived ancestry and intimately associated with notions of nationalism, citizenship and class. most commonly associated with the global system of european colonial dominance known as white supremacy, race has other close parallels, such as india’s varna system, the ethnic constructions of hutu and tutsi in rwanda and burundi, and even religious sectarian divides such as those found between catholics and protestants in ireland, or sunni and shia in several middle eastern countries. but while race can, and does assume a variety of different forms, based on local demographic and political factors, it has always been, and remains to this day, a cross-class alliance a way of binding the ruling class and a segment of the exploited classes through a compact of shared identities, in order to project force against those who fall outside of it. or to put it more simply, it’s a way that states manipulate large groups of people into believing that they have more in common with their rulers than with the fellow ranks of the oppressed.

an early precursor of modern concepts of race lies in the idea of the barbarian, which was developed independently by the rulers of a diverse number of early states, ranging from the shang dynasty in ancient china, to the greek and roman empire of eurasia, and aztec and inca rulers of modern day central and south america. by dehumanising different ethnic groups outside their borders as barbarians, rulers were able to mobilise armies and rationalise the enslavement of captured populations. centuries later, the rise and spread of powerful monotheistic religions added a new dimension to the construction of race, as the ideological conception of the barbarian was given new weight by the introduction of the notions ofpaganorinfidel”. Religious dictates calling for the forced conversion of non-believers sanctified new wars of conquest, waged by the armies of christianity and islam. fearing the expansionary rise of islam, which by the 11th century had spread deep into the heart of european christendom, the catholic church teamed up with feudal elites to launch the crusades, a series of holy wars spanning nearly four hundred years and planting the seeds of ethnic, national and sectarian rivalries that continued to this day. in the final years of the reconquest of spain, the catholic church ramped up popular sentiments of antisemitism and christian hysteria by launching the spanish inquisition- a bloody purge and forced conversions of muslims and jews that provided a horrific new laboratory for the development of race as an internal system of division and control. the spanish reconquest was completed in 1492, and was followed in quick successions by christopher columbus’ accidental invasion of the americas. So-called “discoveryof the new world to be sign of divine providence after their holy victory against Islam, Spain launched the colonisation of the Americas with the brutal religious fervour, Waging a genocidal campaign of extermination against the continents’ original inhabitants, Alongside mass forced conversions carried out by jesuit and Franciscan priest.

In the decades that followed, Spain was joined in its pillage of the Americas by Portuguese, Dutch, and French colonialists. They were soon faced with the labour shortage, however, after working in many indigenous slaves to death And killing millions of others through diseases like smallpox. So, beginning in the early 16th century, Portuguese merchants established the transatlantic slave trade, A grotesque process of racial dehumanisation, whereby millions of people were kidnapped from West Africa And shipped across the ocean to slave trading post in the Caribbean and Portuguese plantations in Brazil. Written join The Fray in 1607, and quickly set to work expanding the transatlantic slave trade, Establishing the vast southern plantation system and kickstarting a Process of unprecedented mass European migration. Within Britain’s thirteen American colonies, a new pact of racial supremacy was forged between settlers of mixed European descent, Based on their shared experiences of killing natives and subjugating Africans. This new system, white supremacy, Provided all white men with a share of the spoil stolen through genocidal territorial conquest And an economy built on slave labour. It also happened to make a small number of white dudes unimaginably rich, Setting the stage for the rise of capitalism.

Despite ongoing controversy regarding her own racial identity, One of the most comprehensive description of how white supremacy functions in the United States was written by Andrea Smith, who identified three supporting pillars as: slavery/capitalism, genocide/colonialism and orientalism/war. The first pillar, slavery, rest on the commodification of black bodies, and to their need to be controlled through force and imprisonment. The second pillar, Genocide, rests on the need for Indigenous nations to disappear or assimilate into settler society, In order to justify white people’s claims to the lands that they currently occupy. The final pillar, orientalism, based on earlier conceptions of the Barbarian, Conjures up the image of outside forces seeking to infiltrate and destroy society, Whether they take the form of Islamic terrorists, hostile foreign states or simply the spectrum of illegal immigrants in general. Over the centuries these three racial archetypes have been deeply ingrained into the white psyche. So when black people cry out their lives matter, Indigenous people assert claims to their traditional lands and culture, or Refugees fleeing wars and poverty demand their rights to political asylum, It is unsettling to the power structure that these pillars prop up. The response of states and ruling elites will always be to attempt to reinforce these pillars, By fanning the flames of white paramilitary reaction.

For anarchist who seek a new world built on a destruction of the state and capitalism, our task is to help knock out the pillars that the systems rest upon. For Sam, this will mean severing the force bonds of whiteness, and joining the resistance of those who have long struggled under its yoke. treason to whiteness is loyalty treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity!
unhinged all humans are 99.9% genetically similar; race is one allele on one tiny part of one chromosome. the amount of melanin in the skin means nothing to me or science.

the southern strategy and the republican party's apology for using it for decades gets to the real heart of the matter. and it also explains why republicans have been dismantling education for decades. only uneducated people believe all the bullshit the right wing has spewed about race for the past one hundred years.
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