~gez~ i have this irish cousin called francis. he says two really funny thiings in an irish accent. one is brutal, and he always says it. the other is "you wee gypsy" , i think its the only slightly insulting thing he knows how to say. [no offence irish people or gypsies] 020824
Eowithien brutal =

the english language


this world

my life
misstree chomp. 031104
not the repeater but a fan maybe I am thinking of an old mobster movie. A nice "hallway" bar room in a large city, real modern of the times. The crowd there is classy. Well some stranger wlks in, and get s a little out of line with one of the girls sitting at the bar, and upsets a few of the other customer, one of them a big guy, sloping forehead, greasy mug, trench coat, you knmow the type. Anyways he starts to get roudy and grabs the guy and asks hima couple of questions.

The guy sitting at the bar feels a little confident and doesn't feel like talking, so he gets hurt, just a kiss on the cheek, but it drops him to the floor, everyone in the room notices. But the big guy at the bar doesn't stop, he starts waling on the guy while he's laying on the floor, his head against the foot rest ont he floor, but the room clears so as the gangster can clear his mind, and get out some rage.
Left alone to face this monster the man lies helpless, blood floating up along the wall and flying everywhere.
Eyes dialated, rolled up in his head, balls retracted, pissing himself, unconcious, torn face, broken ribs, broken cheek, broken hand, multiple fractures in the forehead, spine, broken teeth, dislocated shoulders arms, jaw. Broken nose, swelling organs, a truly twisted form.
Heavy breathing, hat returned on head, spit, and a thoughtless, meaningless, pitiful betrayal or moral and reason...I wish thawt was you.
-FNP90, 020510, silentbob_is_a_boy
egger printed this out once. 050807
unhinged the past three years

specifically losing
my career/jobs
my father
my grandfather
my roommate and my home
many friends
(i guess many of them
never picked up on
my politics
or how committed i am to them
they were never really
my friends)

but yeah
watching dad die
from lymphoma
without painkillers
was probably the brutalest
what's it to you?
who go