no reason my brother being so uninterested in what i have to say that he stares into space as i'm talking. not to mention the one-word answers to questions and attempts to start a conversation. i am getting less and less tolerant of my family's lack of conversational and listening skills. 120714
unhinged my brother is like that too. it doesn't help that we only text. in the past year ive been lucky to even get monosyllables out of him.

recently i flipped the fuck out on him; told him it seems like he doesn't give a shit for lack of response and whatnot. i get more frequent and in_depth responses out of him now

unhinged your ex telling you all about the threesome he had last week with his new young girlfriend that he just moved in with

but to him, somehow since we are friends, i shouldn't in the least bit be hurt or insulted by all the gory details of his new 'infatuation'
FA113N Sitting in an apartment I rented in Paris while the girl I slept with last night chats up a different girl on the phone. I'm right here, bitch.

In retrospect I shouldn't have told her that she wasn't the one.
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