kristin@newdream.net in place of and such 980819
tourist The thing that Goes on the shelf of the same Name.

Often Collected in random Varieties all at Once.

That which collects Dust for us without moving.
nuthinbut My mindzie idly followed path o'fly in room of miscellaneous whatnot til it disappeared in blackness of the thingamajig, the what-you-say, and darted off at an imperceptible angle, or perhaps it's idling obscurantively in front of the doodad or alit on one of its many intricacies.

Regardless, it went one way, the other the other, straight as the crow flies, to this:

So forth, so on and whatnot haveyou.
god what nazis played yahtzee? 030529
monee not what 041217
what's it to you?
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