typhoid dont fall 000225
god definitive 010105
ladybird they begin to gather if you stay still too long. So jump. There's a one-in-a-gazillion chance you might sprout wings, and it's worth it. 010514
reminding birdmad he could be torn apart on the windscreen, for a start. 010514
ladybird but then - some days you are the fly, some days you are the windscreen... 010515
jestification those fat lazy ones that like to get right in your face and make the loudest buzzing noise and no matter how many times you swat at them they come right back........... 011207
WingedSerpent i caught one of those once when i was one of the radio techs at the factory.

i put it into a zipper bag and filled the bag with the acetylene from the weld/solder torches along with a striker

managing to ignite the striker inside the bag, the ensuing mini-explosion vaporized the wings and legs but the rest of the hard chitinous little bastard was intact

more disgusting than the fly itself, was the fact that the explosion had shaken off a small clutch of even more durable little parasitic mites that were living somewhere on the fly's abdomen (which was bright metallic blue/green)

i smashed the crippled fly in a paper towel to put the nasty thing out of its misery, afterwards, since i could not squash them by any ordinary means, i coralled the tiny mites (smaller than the period mark in 10 point times new roman font) and ended up having to use the hydraulic press to make sure they had been suitably crushed
yoink not even they care as they buzz outside my window.

it's cold for them, it's cold for me too

but then it gets warmer, when i think of what it could be, riding two seconds away from the edge of time, seeing everything in the past, seeing everything in the future

it's so full of lies, so full of truth, so full of hate, so full of love

full of everything.

it's so warm there, 1 second from the edge of time, nothing that was wrong is wrong anymore, nothing bad in the future can be any worse

it has always been like this, the running around, worrying, the confusion, over such petty things, but they don't understand

in the end, it doesn't matter

riding a millisecond away from the edge of time, just before it all crashes down on both sides, and you're left standing there, between all that was and all that will be

that's where i want to be with you, make that millisecond a decade, fluffing off the past and expecting the future

we'll see it doesn't matter

all that is was and will be is and was and will be and is and is and is and is and is and is

everything IS

this moment is my living proof. proof to myself that i was here, and you were here with me. only we have to know, nobody has to believe us, it can just be.

they'll sense it inside of us, we'll be better than they ever thought, all because we live in this exact portion of time, crying on my shoulder, laughing with my smile, in one moment

like the calculus limits they always force on us, we find ourselves clenched between the negative and the positive, so neutral that no matter how deep it gets it will always be right where we are now

it will last forever, through all the bills, through all the chills, the spills, the pills, the wills

we'll take it to our graves, but we won't even sense it, it will still be just the same as it was when it started

all we need to do is stand here, on the edge of time, surfing so delicately that the smallest of mistakes will throw us off balance

but what if we do go off? can we recapture the flow?

it doesn't matter

we can still stay here, in that second, in that moment, locked in to our chairs

locked into our eyes

just for that moment
dionysos In Italy, Sambuca is served with three espresso beans floating...

They call it "with flies"
alora gather and suck at the pools of my eyes. Lord of the Flies! 021003
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